Tuesday, August 27, 2013


16 0Z Old Spice Body Wash. $2.97
Beside that were 2 packaged together, again 16 OZ. 
The sign said:  SAVE. Buy 2 in one box. $6.97
There were a lot of the singles left but only one of the double package.
Knowing your customer base well, is the key to marketing.



LOVE it.

Lee said...

You can fool only some of the people only some of the time, but you sure can fool a lot of the people a lot of the time!!! ;)

Old Spice....I didn't even know it was still available!

Granny Annie said...

With all the pictures of strange looking Walmart shoppers on the internet, this display would definitely have been a place to set the camera.

Peter said...

Seems the images we get of WalMart customers just might be true!!!!

Lanny said...

Ouch. Can we hope that those are not being bought by voters, teachers, civic leaders? But then perhaps it is the ancient fumes of the old spice that are confusing them into trusting what they read.