Saturday, June 26, 2004


My wife has had trouble getting comfortable in bed for some time now. Her first attempt to alleviate the pains came when we got our kingsize bed. It was one of those air ride units. It came with two kingsize pillows. And we kept our old ones. Her thinking being that the two big pillows could be tucked here and shoved there. Not good enough.
She bought a memory pillow. She didn't like it and gave it to me. It remembered that when I use it, it's mostly flat. I gave it back.
Next she bought a body pillow. It is double the length of the bed and is in the shape of a U. It will attack in the middle of the night and when I disgustedly wake up and attempt to throw it across the room, it comes back to the exact position it was in before I threw it.
During all of this (meaning the two years it took for this to happen) she found out that she could get comfortable sleeping in her Lazyboy. Not beside him.
She recently bought a wedge pillow thinking that she could simulate a Lazyboy while laying in bed. Not so.
Currently she has left me with a mountain of pillows, on her side of the bed, which I can't crawl over. If I set the alarm, it will wake me, because I must get out of bed and walk around to where the alarm is. Mountain climbing is dangerous when you are half asleep.
She is now, again, sleeping in her Lazyboy. I am finding it hard to sleep with a wedgie.


Anonymous said...

OKAY let me know how that is working because I have the same problem we bought a bed that is all memory foam and now he sleeps great but I still can't get comfortable we got two memory pillows with the bed and mine got put back in the box he loves his (it says it is suppose to help snoring it doesn't!!!!) I have tried sleeping on one of those back pillows for reading in bed with arms on them thats works for while put I can't move in the morning.

bridgesitter said...

Cliff I was in the need to read some humor so I thought I'd start at the beginning of your blog. That is where you will find this comment. I have already laughed so hard I'm choking here. Thanks guy! Wedgie!! You are so funny!

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