Friday, June 25, 2004

The price of corn and golf.

Golf, when taught to someone in their youth is filled with advantages. The first reason, being the one most people give, is that it allows those of us approaching our senior years, exercise and camaraderie. It can teach sporstmanship to the young, and it allows them to learn to mingle with men and women 50 years their senior. All of this is great, but it overlooks the real reason we play golf.
It prepares our minds and attitudes for the really tough times in life. You can shoot four over par one day and follow that with a nintey seven. You walk into the house after that and your wife says "sit down, I've got bad news, your best friend Chuck just died". You say "well that's nothing, I took a ten on hole seven today". You would like to have said a double or triple bogey but you don't know what six over is called. "Ol Chuck died, eh"
I bring this up because I've been playing the worst golf of my life on our little nine hole course. In league play I shot a fifty one followed a week later with a fifty seven. Tuesday I shot a forty one and another one yesterday. The golfer with less experience would celebrate the fact that after years of struggling with the game, I've finally got it. But as for me, I know that corn hit $3.20 a bushel lately and I sold a few loads. But for the most part I'll get my normal $2.00. I learned that from golf. I have a forty eight average and those forty one's will have to be averaged out with some fifty five's. I know that, It's golf.
One day you'll get a call that some of your dearest relatives are coming for a visit, you'll get in your truck to head to the grocery store, and back over your dog. It doesn't matter, I'm used to it, I play golf. It's the average. cliff

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