Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I know that hospitals have free health clinics for the same reason they have Lifeflight helicopters. They pay large dividends. A few years ago one of the Omaha hospitals did nearly $100K of medical work for every patient that a chopper dropped off. The free screening will catch things like hyper thyroids, which, when the endocrinologist gets done, will gain them large sums. (this reminds me, I'll soon tell you about my experience with the radioactive cocktail)
Anyway, John Deere dealers do the same thing. For only $150 they will change the oil, wash, wax and replace some of the filters, and grease, your combine. Not bad eh? Oh yeah, free shipping. They will drive 45 miles with a semi-trailer, load this mammoth and take it to Iowa. FREE. What a Con-tree!!
So I get the call. Since I am the Insurance company in this case. "We'd like to come over and talk about which of the problems you'd like fixed". "Uh, why, how much will it be"? "I'll send someone over to visit with you and show you some estimates".
"Only $6200! Well by all means, operate. Could we try it without novacaine? Would that cheapen it up"?
The combine came home. The bill 2 days later. $9200 "Uh do you guys need to add a $100 charge for 'non-descript' shop supplies to a nine thousand dollar repair bill?"
"Oh you don't, Oh that's wonderful, what about the $3000 overrun on the estimate?"
"No kidding, free pick-up and delivery?" "How do I pay for this"? "No interest or payment till January"!!! Great.
At least we know the thing's in perfect condition.
Yup. You guessed it. We got about 100 yards, before we had to call the shop to come fix this thing. Help!

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Anonymous said...

Just went through the same thing with our car. Fortunately it was a little cheaper(well okay, a lot cheaper).
Take Care
Ralph Campbell