Sunday, November 14, 2004

Guilty Your Honor.

I've been made aware of how they take biopsies of the prostate. I was discussing this with a close relative. Close enough that I am a bit concerned about the same test as I eventually reach his age. Having closely followed his progress I have decided that I will simply plead guilty to having cancer and take the radiation treatments rather than go thru the test. I'm sure Blue Cross Blue Shield won't mind.
One more thing. He and I both agreed that when a health care professional says "this might sting". Take off your shoe and put it in your mouth, this to avoid shattering your teeth from clenching them.
If they say "you could feel some pressure". Ask to be put under.


Triplet Dads said...

probably a good blog to do some public service announcements... Know that I've topped (gulp) 40, I've started an annual physical. My doctor told me that given the Morrow gene pool, I should keep close tabs on this from here on out. Future generations of Morrow men should probably take notice or it could become a real pain-in-the...

Anonymous said...


It also been my experience that if the Doctor smiles while telling you the "procedure" a great deal of pain or humiliation will be involved.