Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Morrow Collision Center

The big customer appreciation party at my son's body shop is over. It was a lot of work for those of us smoking salmon and cooking 50 pounds of top sirloin steak blocks. Marilyn baked other goodies and helped serve everything. The most rewarding part for us,(Mom and Dad)besides having people tell us the salmon and sandwiches were good, was that we asked strangers all day long the same question. "So are you guys friends or customers?" Every time we asked it, we got the same answer, "Both". We got it from young and old alike.
I think the group running Morrow Collision center, has a firm grip on how to widen a customer base.
P.S. The Smoked Salmon and Beef were a success but by the time you hit 54 years old you should be able to cook. I loved all the young people coming over and visiting to find out "now just how do you cook that?" It's fun to see young folks recognizing, and then wanting to learn how to prepare good food.


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...


Wish we would have made the drive and were there. Sounds like a great time.

Ralph Campbell

Anonymous said...

Mouth was watering as I read this--your beef and salmon are to die for!!---will ya teach me how if we ever get there??? Rob