Wednesday, August 31, 2005

To Donate

To donate to the AMERICAN RED CROSS, click HERE. You can designate hurricane relief, or other programs.


Jamie Dawn said...

I used the link to donate. It was something I was going to do today and you made it easier to just get it done. Thanks.
I also will put this same link in my post tomorrow.
This is certainly a terrible tragedy.

Anonymous said...

After being in a disaster a few years ago, I will never donate to the Red Cross. My money goes to the Salvation Army or the Mennonite Relief Fund. They both arrived quickly, went about the business of helping and asked for nothing. The Red Cross came in later blowing their horns and asking for money. They tried to take over the project that a community service organization had organized (food, clothing, household goods, etc). After all the ground work had been done - securing a site, gathering and sorting donations - the Red Cross came in and said they would be more than happy to run it but it would have to be in the name of the Red Cross. No one involved in any of the disaster could see that they did anything more than the Salvation Army or the Mennonites - they just wanted publicity and money.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I donated today..great idea putting the link on here...:)

Anonymous said...

Well, okay, then let's add a second choice. If you yourself are also unhappy with the American Red Cross, you can donate here

But, please, use one or the other website to donate. If we all pull together, we can accomplish a lot.

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