Wednesday, August 10, 2005


A few years ago, our family was preparing for a wedding. As the time drew near, our good friends from 600 miles away, kept emailing and calling about when they would arrive to help. Did we need them for a week, days, hours, what? We settled on them coming out on Wednesday before the Saturday wedding. One of our main duties, as the parents of the groom, was to be in charge of the rehearsal dinner which we cooked ourselves (cooked some and purchased some) and served it in the community room in the little town where the wedding was held.
Our friends worked tirelessly. They drove after stuff, cooked, made mints, paid for things they shouldn't have, learned everybody's name in my family,(the ones they didn't already know), hauled chairs, hauled tables, hauled food, carried food, cooked some more, and were always right there to say, "stay put Cliff, I'll go get it".
They seem to have done this many times over. When we needed them, they have driven out and helped. They came last year to help get Tekamah ready for a Cowboy Poetry show that my brother from New Mexico gave and I produced. And they helped the following night at our "Lonestar" concert we had. The next day he stood by the keyboard and held the music for my daughter for our community concert in the park. He even came out last fall to drive a tractor for a week during harvest.
Our connection with them is our wives were school buddies in the Wheatridge and Jefferson County schools in Denver.
So,,, Here's to good friends we love, and love to spend time with!!
OH Yeah, I forgot to mention. They did that four days of work for the wedding even though they didn't get an invitation. They never made it from our list (grooms) to the final list. I asked why on earth are you here if we didn't have the courtesy to send an invitation. "Oh we knew you meant to send us one, besides we wanted to help".
We're headed to a family reunion and our friends will attend part of it because they have become friends with our entire family. Your connection with these great folks is Here!!!


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Nice story - Thanks. The one thing you forgot to mention is you guys would and have done the same for us.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

what nice should be so lucky to find a friend like that..

I am still

Jerry said...

That Ralph sounds like a keeper. Have a great time at the reunion. Make sure you post your "family update letter" when you return.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Cliff, my profile is finally "clean" on Blogger and I can use it again!

Which means you can get to me through it again!

Jamie Dawn said...

Good friends are priceless.
Have a great time at the reunion. I hope you have something good to blog about afterwards.

Lucy Stern said...

Now that's what I call friends. I know a lot of people who don't have friends like that. I feel blessed that I have a handfull of friends that would be there for me when I needed them.
One of my best friends was there to help me pull off my daughters wedding reception. Her son is a chef and she volunteered him to cook all the food for the reception. I couldn't believe it but I didn't turn her down. I was going crazy trying to get everything together. Well, the wedding ended up being called off three weeks before the ceremony and her son didn't have to cook, but I will remember the things she did for me and I thank God for her friendship every day.
Thanks for the post to remind us how blessed we are to have good friends.

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