Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Hitchhiker

Last April 10th I posted Hanky Panky on the Farm. It was about one of my older brothers seeing one of our farm cats riding on the back of one of our horses.
It's getting spooky now, here on the farm.
We have a lot of cats on this farm. Maybe twenty to thirty. Part live here at our house, the rest up at the end of our mile long lane at my daughter's house.
Last week, my daughter checked for cats, in the box on her big diesel pickup, and being none, she drove down to our place. She parked in the open, away from any buildings. It was just her pick-up, and her, out in the open. She jumps out and three cats, who were up at her place, walk out from under her truck, at our place. They were riding underneath, they caught a ride.
This morning, I drove Marilyn the twenty five miles to the town where she picks up dogs and then brings them back to her shop to groom. We get to the first stop, I put it in park, and one of our farm cats, nonchalantly strolls out from under our van.
The following is my take on this. When the cat stepped out, it was the third time I'd stopped the van on the trip. The other two were stop signs. (not in town) I think the cat hung his head down low enough from under the hood, or maybe looked thru the grill and thought, 'hmmm, this isn't a stop sign, it's a nice place' AND Marilyn's taking the dog! A nice cololnial yellow two story with attached garage. As the cat strolled away from the van toward the garage, he didn't act like he had escaped from a terrible and frightening ride but rather he had the same demeanor as someone stepping off of the State Fair Shuttle. He casually walked with his head on a swivel. "Let's see, the rides are over there, the grilled pork chops over there, and then there's the Quarterhorse Show in the colliseum. What to do, what to do".
Since we had seven or eight dog crates in the van already, Marilyn had plenty of room to let him ride in air conditioned comfort back home.
An old farmer told me once, "Cliff, on a farm, you're either gonna have cats or rats. Cat's are better cuz they don't eat wiring off of tractors and such".
Yeah, but with rats I wouldn't lay awake at night wondering what's going on outside.


Paul Nichols said...

That's a very good one. Yes, indeed. I can see the whole thing(s).

Anonymous said...

A true testament to the old adage: Dogs have owners; cats have staff. Great story, Cliff!

Jamie Dawn said...

It's dangerous for you to have that many cats around. Don't you know that they get together and plan stuff? Be afraid, very afraid.

Ralph said...

I am not a big cat fan but I will take them any day over a rat. When reading your story I couldn't help but wonder what their faces had to look like as you cruised down the highway.

Anonymous said...

Well Ralph, ya know how a cats face looks as it is crammed into the corner of a clear plastic bag.....well, you the the picture.

Anonymous said...


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

One day we won't hear from Cliff anymore. Someone will worry and go to the farm. They'll find no signs of the Morrows, but they'll be cats everywhere. They'll be smoking pipes sitting on the porch swing, knitting in the sun room, etc.

One will look at the worried visitor, and threaten them with harsh warnings if they should tell.

No one will ever know what happened to the Morrows.

Perhaps an X-files story will be made.


eyes_only4him said...

that it too funny..anytime a cat got under my car..ended up in a shallow grave...yikes..LOL

JUST A MOM said...

cats seem to be able to get in the darndest places. Hey Cliff I'm back in the swing of things I think.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hey! Where are the new posts!
Get to it! You have fans, you know.

magz said...

aha! NOW i know where this new guy came from that showed up yesterday looking roadweary! He's a morrow scout; checkin out arizona!

(he announced in no uncertain terms that his name was NOT fluffy.. he's a Woody. Mawnin woody!

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