Friday, June 23, 2006

Have you ever watched the circus act where the guy has about 15 poles and is trying to keep a plate spinning on top of each pole? That's what it's like trying to keep 6 irrigation wells running. I'm staying home this weekend for that reason and the fact that it won't rain. AND I was ill (make that a 60 hour bug instead of the 24 hour variety) and can't afford the time away. So here I am recovering and working. What, you ask, am I missing? Well let me tell you.
A very good friend of mine is graduating with her Masters Degree in Counseling. Some of her friends are having a party for her and Marilyn and I were planning to attend. I think her husband influenced her decision to become profiecient in counseling. After all, who needs counseling more than Ralph. Best wishes can be extended to her here, or at Ralph's blog.
Ralph and I are good friends, but Char's the real reason we invite them to the farm so much. She is talented, charming, and oh so much better looking than Ralph. Congrats Char!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cliff.

Hope you have a speedy recovery.

I went over and checked out Ralph's site. I didn't see a story about a graduation, but I did see this story, which reminded me of your post yesterday.

Rachel said...

Congratulations Char!! Now Ralph can get free counseling. How neat is that!!

Thanks for letting us know Cliff.
(hope you didn't hurt Ralph's feeling by what you said.....but we know deep down you love him too)

Jamie Dawn said...

Way to go, Char!! Ralph can tell her all his problems and then she can give him a bill.

It's too bad you can't attend the celebration, Cliff.
I'm sure you are disappointed. I hope you have fully recovered, since it sounds like you have a busy weekend of work ahead.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon - I'm on my way! Here's to a miraculous recovery Cliff.

Cliff said...

John, go to your room.

Mike, thanks buddy.

JD, I'm pretty well mended with only slight reminders of the recent past.

Rachel, it's pretty hard to hurt Ralph's feelings. He's not the type.

Jim said...

Hi Cliff -- If we lived closer, I would keep the sprinklers going while you go.
btw, Mrs. Jim is a MSW social worker and she doesn't counsel me much. She's better at taking corrective action.
I'll visit Ralph next, thanks.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for your kind words. I was able to complete my masters because of your and Marilyn's encouragement! The visits to the farm and with you and your wonderful family provided much needed rest and renewal breaks. As with anything I do, I couldn't have done this without Ralph's patience with grumpiness when assignments were due and continual talking of professors that were---shall we say--had their own way of using their gifts??? and talents???? and just his support of any endeavor I try.

You guys are the best and I so appreciate that you were even thinking about driving 1,000 miles for a sandwich! How blessed I am to have friends like you!

Paul Nichols said...

I left a note on Ralph's blog--for Char, of course!

Anyway, balancing plates sounds easy, compared to what you're going through. Have you ever tried cat herding? That might be easier, too.

Hope you get to feeling a lot better.

Raggedy said...

Fell better soon! Don't push it. Try and get as much rest as you can. Have a great day!