Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stay Back

I hope none of you stopped by yesterday. You could have caught something. I had a 24 hr bug. My body is not being run by Ray Nagin. I had a 12 hr, complete and total evacuation of my digestive track. Traffic ran..well I was going to say in spurts but let just say 'smoothly' via the two major routes. All that was required by the road crews was turning a bunch of 'one way only' signs around to point the other direction.
I've slowly been losing weight over the last year. The 6 pounds I lost yesterday was not by design and I'm sure will return.
I will return when I've regained conciousness.


Anonymous said...

Whoa - feel better soon. I'm encouraged to hear Nagin isn't in charge of your homeostasis. Take care, buddy.

Raggedy said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Rest and get well. Take care,hun.

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon! Horrible stuff, the flu.
I will say a prayer for you.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Cliff. That's a horrible way to lose weight.

Eat something mild when you're ready, like toast. Don't go for the foot-long coney dog.

Get better soon, my friend.

Peter said...

Just marginally TMI Cliff.

Felecia said...

Doesn't seem fair to feel down and out on the first official day of summer; kick it fast and ask your bride to pick up some kind of sport drink the next time she's out (sounds like our favorite farm boy needs to re-hydrate!)

LZ Blogger said...

This post was as funny as it was descriptive! Glad you are feeling better today! ~ jb///

Rachel said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick. That is no fun. Hope you didn't have Mexican food.

You better come over to my site and see my truffle pictures! I worked hard to get them eating all those truffles that Jamie D. loves so well. Teehee

Ralph said...

Hope you are feeling better. And by the way, thanks for not posting a picture.

PinkCat said...

Cliff I hope that you feel much better soon,

Poor you and when you feel up to it you need to have an ice cream from DQ to put the six pounds back on that were unfairly lost.

Take care xx

Jamie Dawn said...

That sounds awful! Everything in your insides was shouting, "ESCAPE!" I suppose your toilet felt used and highly taken advantage of.

Get well soon.

Good news here: my high speed internet was repaired this morning - a day earlier than expected. I am no longer using the Benadryl Anti-Bitch Gel. :)

Jim said...

A very nice description of a nasty problem.
1. Glad your talent for writing didn't run out with everything else.
2. Are you sure it's the flu and not something you ate (did the guy who just left the restroom wash his hands before he touched the doornob)?
3. Just don't eat to make up for those six pounds and they will stay off.
4. Our Sunday school lessons this quarter are on Job for a while, his friends didn't offer him very good advice.

Paul Nichols said...

Been there...done that!

Your friend,
Ophelia Payne

Anonymous said...

Here is to a quick recovery. One is not suppose to get flu like symptons in the summer. Take care!

1 plus twins said...

man maybe i need to try that diet. lol just kidding, i have been there and done that and it is miserable. hope you feel better soon. still though i would love and need to loose those 6 lbs!! lol