Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm Back!

Ralph had a big wind in Colorado but it moderated to about 55 or 60 miles per hour by the time it got to extreme Eastern Nebraska. For those of you who have never lived in an open area with nothing to stop a north wind except for say, a grain bin or a tree that might be 3 miles away, you haven't experienced wind. It was enough to make the house vibrate and moan.
It was also enough to adjust my satellite dish to the 'You have limited or no connectivity,' state. No kidding.
That was Friday evening and so the service men left here this morning at 10:45 AM. Why do these kinds of things and sickness always strike on Friday nights? This forces us to use patience. Something we usually do not need to use in todays society.
I appreciate all of the concerns in my comment section as well as emails asking about Marilyn. She is doing poorly by her standards but her Dr on last fridays visit was very pleased. He has told her more than once that 'business owners are the worst patients because of their thinking that things can't operate without them. She stayed away for almost 3 weeks but has been back to grooming for 3 weeks now. Our daughter ran things quite well without her. That was really appreciated. Marilyn will eventually walk without a limp. (until she starts trying to kick me in the rear and then she'll probably start limping again.)


John Goerzen said...

Welcome home, Cliff (and thanks for the comments on my blog). Glad to hear that Marilyn is doing well.

Sorry to hear about that mild breeze you've got up there.

Miki said...

Glad that Marilyn is doing well, sorry about the satelite dish! Hey, are you saying that there are parts of your body that will dislocate the new titanium parts of Marilyn's. EEEEWWWWWAAAAHHH! That is more info than I needed about your posterior region!

Love to Marilyn, we are still thinking of her here on LI.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Doesn't sound like the wind died down a whole lot before it got to you. But you did answer a question I have often wondered about - why does Marilyn walk with the limp MOST the time. And why is Cliff always looking over his shoulder?

Rachel said...

Glad you got the satelite fixed. It happens on Friday so you CAN practice patience!! It is a test to see how well you handle it. :)

I cannot imagine those winds like that. Having your house vibrate and moan would not be a good feeling.

So glad Marilyn is doing well. I'm sure if she tries kicking you in the rear that you are probably waving your behind at her saying, "Nanny, Nanny, Boo Boo."

Jerry said...

Marilyn might as well get used to the limp, because it won't be long until she'll need to kick you in the rear.

I know what you mean about the wind. Combined with the snow, it was like being inside a blender.

Bring on spring!

Jim said...

Now Cliff, go up there (or is it out there) and mark the pointing. Then you can just point it back where it belongs.
You can do that anyway, point it where you think it should be and then work for better signals.
My friend has a tracking system on his so he can use it with his RV.

Dan said...

I'm sure she will find plenty of volunteers to help with the kick in the rear.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

It's great to hear Marilyn is doing so well. Maybe she'll just get a taser? There's a vision. Look on the bright side - it would be kind of a workout.