Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Please Go Have a Look!

My son Dan has a good friend who stops at the body shop almost everyday. Jim is his name and has what we in the Morrow Clan call a 'big personality'. I think he initially began to get to know Dan because Jim was into restoring Indian Motorcycles and liked the way Dan painted them. Jim has gotten Dan into collecting and restoring Indian Motorcycles now. Jim once pointed at my two sons in the shop and said to me, "Those are the only two boys I would ever consider adopting besides the one I did adopt." I appreciated that.
If you go to Dan's you'll see their latest reason to celebrate.


Rachel said...

I went. I looked. I commented. It's a cool car and I love that color! My brother used to have a new Roadrunner about that same color. It was a 69 I think!

nora said...

My Grandma Nora and Grandpa Paul courted on a Indian with a sidecar.
Dad and I took a trip to the Indian motorcycle museum in Springfield Mass. Great place.
I've always thought I'd look good on an Indian. Too bad I'm such a chicken!

Cliff Morrow said...

Nora, you've left yourself open for some good comments. But I won't touch that.
Dan has some sidecars for his. Interesting hobby.

Jamie Dawn said...

I guess that Dodge Super Bee is cool, if you like cars and stuff. (snore, snore)

Britmum said...

Very cool car indeed. Looks like it should be on the set of Spiderman or some super cool movie.

You need to go back and read my blog Cliff because you got the wrong end of the stick if you know what I mean.


Take care xx

Cheyenne said...

My Grandfather always rode an Indian. He had a sidecar for my Grandmother. I only know this from what my parents told me; I don't remember the bike.
I ventured over to Dan's; nice car and a way cool color.

Jim said...

That is a nice Super Bee! I'd like to see it when it rolls out. Will you steer us there, please.

Our neighbors got back today from Telluride. They spent a winter month at their ranch out there. The snow was wonderful for skiing and for their Texas dog, Luke, to play in.
So I know you enjoyed your winter visit.

Lee said...

What a great job he's done on tht car...tremendous!

Bossy said...

wow, thats a great lookin set of wheels..

the color is just awesome..do u think they can pimp up my mini van ?

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Cute picture of you and the kids!

1 plus twins said...

beautiful car!! you both should be proud!

nora said...

Yikkes, I just reread my comment Cliff, you're right.
I blame the fever.

Raggedy said...

I was there the other day. It is AWESOME!