Friday, March 23, 2007

Cliff's March Madness

My thinking was that if it got me triple clean, I would shower every third day.
I excitedly told Marilyn of my plan. She invited me to sleep with her every third night.
I've decided to stay with a shower everyday.
I'm nothing if not flexible.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I was thinking that maybe if the both of u used it, u would conserve on water, as u would only have to bathe every third day..and if Marylin used it on her dogs, she could take some time off..

I should get that for the boy, he dont much like showerin everyday..this would make it so he could do it once or twice a week..

Britmum said...

Oh Cliff you are a riot. How funny is that. Only you could come up with that.

There is nothing worse than the smell of an undeodourised pit.


Take you flexiable man.

Miki said...

SHHHH! Don't tell the 11 year old here at my house about that, he would take it as literally as you! I am glad that you are flexible and saw Marilyn's POV. I would invite you to sleep elsewhere too, perhaps the barn????

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

You are heading for, if you have not arrived, at one of those, "So, really, how does your mind work?" moments. From a quick analysis of your post I’d say it started with, ” My thinking was. . . "
Good one.

Jerry said...

I think Marilyn is the one who has the High Endurance.

Paul said...

See if you can convince Marilyn to "Save water...shower with a friend." Then invite her to sleep with you every night.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

Hey, I thought you've already shared that you two had that shower thing goin' on .... what's the deal???

If you would rather not answer, it's OK. I've been confused since they switched Darren's on BEWITCHED. ;)

Lee said...

Thank God for that!

Is "Old Spice" still available?

Rachel said...

Good choice Cliff. Otherwise you might have had to sleep outside on those non-shower days! Marilyn is quick with her answers for you isn't she!! Wise woman you have there Cliff.

1 plus twins said...

cliff you sound like my oldest. i bought that for him he thought he didn't have to shower as much or just use a drop of it and he would be clean. lol you would fit right in this house. lol

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...I would say the same to Scott if he tried to pull that one on me.
Take care.


Raggedy said...

Thanks for the giggle.
I left one at my place for you.
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Jim said...

Hi Cliff -- Wonderful. I wonder what they (really is YOU) will come up with next.

Jim said...

Cliff's Internet facilities got struck by lightening Friday night.
He will be out of commission until he gives us further posting.

Cliff spoke and sang at Dad's funeral Saturday afternoon. He does an excellent job with both speaking and singing.

Thanks again, Cliff.

Jamie Dawn said...

Mitchum deodorant advertises that you can "Skip a day" if you use their product. You may want to consider that too.

I'm glad you chose the path of cleanliness.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...


I always knew you for a smart man.


GeL(Emerald eyes) said...

Old Spice makes a cleanser? Thought they only made after shave. (Sheesh, then you and Marily might never sleep together, so back to the soap!!)
You (and she) ARE funny.