Thursday, March 01, 2007

The March 1st Blizzard of '07

Looking at the tranquil scene out the west door of our deck. The 'weeping cherry'... really is. Can't you just hear those wind chimes? They never sound better than they do in a blizzard. Gusts to 50 really make them ring. The barn's out that way also. Trust me.
This pic is shot out the south door of the deck. That is our garage. Looks lonely doesn't it? The west end still needs painted. But not today.
Below is the normal view from the porch that you have grown accustomed to on my blog. We are looking northeast here. As you can tell by the birch trees in the foreground, the wind is out of the northwest. The original snow depth is in question. Reports peg it at 8 to 10". Out here it was spotty.(def of spotty:Blown clear in open spaces like farm filelds and piled high near Cliffs house). If snow would come straight down instead of being driven by high winds, it would be easier to move. As a matter of fact in the 57 years I've lived here, that actually happened once.
Here's the problem. This strong wind is to get stronger and stay strong until tomorrow afternoon. Northeast Nebraska is closed.


nora said...

Yikkes Cliff,
I hope you guys are all hunkered down and cozy.
We're getting off easy here. Thunderstorms and hail this morning. At least it is warm!

Rachel said...

I saw the blizzard warning on the weather channel for your area and thought about you all. We are in that potential for severe storms today and tonight so I'm keeping a close eye on the weather. I am so thankful that our weather isn't like yours. That just looks too cold and bone chilling, and that wind...brrrr..

Keep warm Cliff!

Jim said...

We had a squall and a few drops of rain come through here this morning. The sun is shining and it's 73° right now. I have the top down on the Mustang and just might take it out for a little spin later on.

I have a serious concern: I keep worrying that Marilyn or daughter got those 27 dogs from Omaha today and now you can't get them back.
Do they bark or howl?

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

The wind is blowing strong here as well but all our snow came straight down yesterday. Biggest issue now is blowing across the streets and bridges and icing up.
I was going to head over to your place later today but given the weather. . .

Jerry said...

We're fixin' to get a storm blow through here in a few minutes. Currently in the 50s; high in the low 30s tomorrow.

Just keep that deep snow over there, would ya?

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I remember a situation like this when I lived in Wisconsin. The temperature was way below zero with brutal winds. I think the wind chill was -85. You literally could not go outside. The furnace never shut off and we had blankets tacked over all the windows. I knew if the heating system failed the pipes would freeze in short order. .... stay safe, my friend. Geez-a-lou!

Britmum said...

Wow Cliff I hope that you have your fire burning and your marshmallows a toatin.

Stay warm and be safe.

Take care xx

Jerry said...

Hopefully the county plows out the roads in the winter as well as they grade them in the summer. Dress warm and be careful.

Raggedy said...

Great pictures.
I loved your definition of spotty.
Stay warm, stay safe, and

Rhodent said...

Bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That's way too much cold for me! Stay warm!

Lee said...

Brrrrrrrrr.....that sure does look cold! I hope you've got your woolen underwear/Long Johns on, Cliff!

You need a bit of big Al's Global Warming to heat things up a bit! ;)

Lee said...

Btw...I meant to say...great pics, Cliff.

Cheyenne said...

Currently 34 deg. and raining. Darn. The most snow we got at one time was 7". Totally not fair.

nora said...

I see on the news this morning that your whole state is under a state of emergency.
i hope you're okay.

Rachel said...

Cliff, I hope today you are singing, "I can see clearly now, the blizzard is gone...."

cassie-b said...

The pictures are wonderful. But scary looking. We got some ice and a bit of snow this winter - and that's it. That's not a complaint

Paul said...


Prayin' for you.

Jamie Dawn said...

My teeth are chattering just looking at these pics.

This kind of weather is either a punishment from God or a curse of the Devil, depending on how one looks at it.

I'm glad you decided not to finish painting the garage at this time.