Monday, March 26, 2007

Screwed By A Bolt

Saturday morning at 4:35 we were in the middle of a dandy thunderstorm. No the picture is not mine. I wish I could take photo's like that.
It was raining hard, with plenty of flashing lights and noise when we heard a big snap in the house followed by light and a bang that brought us out of our groggy attempts at sleep. Francis Scott Key would have, at that point, written a famous song about the thunder and the light. We instead decided to start checking things that may have trouble with sudden increases in power. So we started with practically everything in our house. Ya know, even our bed plugs in. I'd hate to have to explain that fact to my Great, Great Grandparents. Yep my sleep number was still there. Computer? Yep it works. But the satellite feed for my Internet had trouble negotiating it's way thru the new path in my modem made by the lightning. Is there a reason the words ethereal and Ethernet cable sound alike?
The big screen still works. But not the satellite feed to it. (beginning to see a trend here folks?) So we grew weary of 'Searching for Signal' very quickly and decided to call Directv....but the phones were gone too. Good thing my cell phone didn't get hit. It was in my pocket.
It was beginning to look like Marilyn and I might have to talk to each other if this stuff didn't get fixed. But of course it was Saturday morning and repairmen all across America were waiting for my call. (sarcasm just in case you're new here)
Get this, the phone guy came out Sunday afternoon and fixed the barbecued junction box. He didn't offer to fix the fried phone however. (losing only one phone out of six isn't bad)
Directv didn't offer to send a repairman out on Saturday but I could get one on Sunday morning at 8:00. (Seventh Day Adventists I'd say)
I said I would be in Church and that Monday was fine. The Internet folks got here at 10:00 this morning and the TV folks at 10:30.
Saturday afternoon was Vernon Hovendicks funeral. He was Jim's Dad. It was a lovely service with a lot of nice things said about him. All deserved I might add. He was in church every Sunday from the time I started in the early 1950's. At one particular low point in my life when cancer and chemo had me down and out, he called me on a Sunday afternoon to inquire how I was and that he hadn't heard about my illness and that he would hang up and get Marge and they would pray for me right then. A turning point for sure. I figured when two like that pray for you, the prayers didn't have far to go. I already had the couple on a lofty step. Did it work? You haven't heard me mention cancer much have you?
Warning: I'm coming for a visit so bake a cake. Lemon, no sugar in the iced tea.


Jerry said...

I had a long witty comment and lost it. I'll tell you in person next weekend.

Jim said...

Hi Cliff -- Thanks for your very kind words about Dad. He was a nice Dad.
There isn't any sugar in our tea and we sure do have lemons. We will be waiting. Say hello to Jerry for the rest of us.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Glad you're back and everything (except one phone) is in working order.

terah said...

The cake's in the oven! When will you be here? :-)

Britmum said...

Cliff you are welcome at my house anytime. Just make sure you put some clothes on first. We don't do bare naked men here. lol

I am glad that you are back online.

Take care xx

Rachel said...

I'm glad the damage was not any worse. That lightening is nothing to mess with and I'm sure Francis Scott Key would agree with that!

Sounds like Jerry and Nora are coming to visit you soon. I told her that you gave Jerry a ceremonial corn knife and that she should get one too. (Just warning you, so be prepared!!).

How wonderful that Jim's parents were such fine Christian people. It's so hard to lose our parents, but he and Marge are having a grand reunion!!

I don't usually keep lemons around Cliff. But the grocery store isn't far away!!

1 plus twins said...

hey the boys would love it if the farmer would come for a visit. and if you only shower every 3rd day you and michael would get along perfectly!! lol

GeL(Emerald Eyes) said...

We've been hit by lightning several times. Does a number on the trees and frying appliances. So glad you all were not zapped too hard.

Glad to read how nicely Jim's Dad Vernon's funeral transpired. He must have had patience to endure seeing you every Sun! (said with affection)
Yes, visit, but give me time to grow a "Lemon Tree." Oh, wait, I could put the record on... (but not sing...I'll leave that to you.)

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

That photo is spectacular, Cliff! All things considered, it sounds like the repairs went well and there was minimal damage.

Check this out. The home next door was abandon about two months ago. The unmonitored burglar alarm has been screeching since last Saturday. On Sunday [after I called] the police checked the house and have assessed it to be "secure". HOWEVER, no one seems to be able to do anything about the continuous, never ending, obnoxious alarm. Today is Day 6 .... what's wrong with this picture?

Nora said...

My comment from yesterday did not stick, but that is probably just as well.
Your title reminds me of a hardware store joke...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i was missing u.....

i need marylin to come pick my dog up, my groomers is closed and my dog is a mess...dang.

Lee said...

The cake is ready and waiting, Cliff! :)

Glad to hear everything is back in good working order included. :)

Peter said...

Now it's a one eyed bulldog comparison... Cliff I'm trying to be your friend.... and it's not an easy task!!!!!

cassie-b said...

I hate computer problems - glad yours got fixed so quickly.

Our bed plugs in too. My number is 60 - what's yours? Actually, it plugs in twice. What would I do without that nice warm electric blanket?

And I know how to bake a lemon cake. But I fear it's a long drive to get here for a visit.

Miki said...

Cliff, what kind of Cake do you wish for??? I can brew the tea, but you will have to add the lemon when you get here, I have a tendency to add too much. Sorry about Jim's dad. Glad that you knew him and that you had him on your side. Let me know when you are comming to Long Island. We will do the grand tour!

Rhodent said...

We had to give up on Direct Tv around here. Every time we got a typical little Florida rainstorm" we would lose our signal. 9 months of the year that can be EVERY DAY! The cable is back.

I am glad the service for Jim's dad went well.

Raggedy said...

Great picture!
I am glad you have everything fixed back up from your lightning strike.
I am sorry for Jim's loss as well as yours. Vernon sounds like a wonderful man.
Take Care,

Paul said...

I'm glad that all is well at your house. I sure do wish my phone and cable people would respond in less than a week.

Jamie Dawn said...

The title of your post sounds VERY PAINFUL!!!!

While you were dealing with the aftermath of lightning, I was dealing with various and sundry appts for my voice. We both had an interesting week, I see.

It seems Marilyn and you did not have to resort to actual conversation betwixt you since things got fixed in just a few days time. Whew!

I like unsweet tea too, but the best tea in all the world is at Jestine's restaurant in Charleston, SC, and it is sweet tea - divine, sweet tea.

Maria said...

Lightening, thunder, oh my! Sounds very bad and I admire your patience with repairmen. So all is well that ends well and you are back posting. Consider that wonderful bonus of having Marilyn all to yourself without having to share her with friends on the phone and e-mailers.

Jim said...

Hi Cliff -- Good thing you still have your sleep number.
Our machine is under the bed now, it goes from Lo, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Hi. I like 'Hi.' I did get it out one cold night last night.

I'm commenting again because a little bird told me that this morning you sang a very dear song and dedicated it to a very dear man. Thank you. Thank you, Cliff, thank you very much.