Saturday, November 10, 2007

Re: The Writers Strike

I've developed a theory since the writers strike hit the news. My theory goes like this: Back when we had 3 networks plus the edcational channel we had a pool of talent. Lets assign that volume the letter X.
Now 40 years later we still just have X available to us for the sum of the talent but with 4 or 5 hundred stations and networks. It spreads things pretty thin.
I hold up Saturday Night Live as the best example of this.
Having said all of this I guess none of this will impact me in the least. I slept through the shows the first time they were on and will likely do it again.
This reminds me of something that happened to me a few weeks ago. Marilyn and I were eating dinner and not wanting to listen to 30% of one side of every news story as offered by the network news, we went to a rerun of designing women. One of the actors in the story thought she was pregnant (she wasn't) after using a sperm bank.
She was all of a sudden horrified at the fact that she didn't know who the father was or even if he had a good sense of humor. Then the actress said, "Or worse yet, he could be the type that thought Benny Hill was funny."
Marilyn jerked her head up from dinner and looked at me and started laughing.
Benny Hill was funny.
I tell ya I don't get any respect.


Cheyenne said...

You would get a lot of respect from my husband because he will watch any Benny Hill show that he can find. And, yes, he was funny, I agree.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Benny Hill was funny. And I am with you on this strike thing - I too sleep through most the shows the first time.

Jamie Dawn said...

Benny Hill was funny. I admit it.

24 and The Office are the shows our family watches together. I hear that 24 will be only 12 if this strike continues into the start of the new season. Our family will have to resort to talking should this happen. :-)

Miki said...

Benny Hill was funny! I loved it when the "odd" networks picked up the rights from the BBC to air the show every night at a certain time. It would crack me up and keep the laughter flowing in my house. Now those networks aren't the odd ones, they have their own shows that have writers. Honestly, I get that the writers want more, but really, don't you already have your dream jobs? I would give my eye teeth and my big toes to have their jobs. But I am as yet unwilling to move to Cali.
You are right, I also slept throughmost of the shows the first time, so whatever, if the repeats are on at a decent time, then hurray for me, I may discover some new shows, new to me anyhow.

Janell said...

Benny Hill was funny, but does anyone remember "Coronation Street"? Also - don't you miss Red Skelton and Milton Berle?

Paul said...

I watched a show night (Sunday) that confirmed my suspicion that there are no writers out there in the first place. "Shark."

First, Shark had lunch with a troubled young man's father.

Then he and his group chased down a bad guy who was shooting people on the freeway.

Then came the trial. During the trial, another killing. Case thrown out.

They chased down the other bad guy/gal and got a second trial under way. Guilty this time.

Then Shark went home to tell his daughter that he had lunch with that man today.

Flip Flop Momma said...

yup..doesnt effect me either, I stop watching that crap back when , um, I quit doing it..haha

I find myself spending days watching kids shows, nights watching the news, then off to bed...I must be getting old Cliff..and I dont like it.

Gette said...

Oh great, now I have that music stuck in my head.
Yakkity Sax.