Sunday, November 04, 2007


This early morning photo is of a brother piloting my combine and dumping corn (on the go) onto my grain cart also driven by another one of my brothers.

I had picked my Dad up from the end of the field one fall day many moons ago. We had just finished a long harvest season at that very moment. The combine was parked at the end of cornfield and we were on our way to town to eat lunch. Maybe a piece of pie was in the offing to help celebrate the end of this long ordeal we call harvest. That is if we weren't too late to get a piece of the coveted pie at the City Cafe. We passed some combines working away and Dad said "Look over there, those guys are still picking corn, don't they know it's too late to be picking corn?" Dad was always a bit understated. Okay, he was always a LOT understated. He then said, "Well, I feel like celebrateing...Yippee...(said in a monotone) okay enough with this constant celebrating, lets get started on the field work." We were then off to another 2 long weeks of tractor work.

As of last Saturday night the 3rd of November, it is officially too late to be picking corn. Yep, that marks the end of folks asking me if I'm done with harvest. I've had to say 'no' to that question for 3 weeks now, but now that I'm done, no one will ask.

This harvest was a good one. Yields for me weren't quite as good as last but that would have been nearly impossible. The moisture content was low so the dockage was low. The prices are at near record highs. So here goes. In keeping with a family tradition.


I'll be on a tractor if you need me.


Jim said...

And where do I find your tractor? [I know, in the field where you are combining.]

That City Cafe pie was mighty good. Mrs. Jim and I always put in our pie order when we sat down.
Sometimes we would call before we came. I think they wouldn't save any but would tell if it was about to run out.

Peter said...

Yippee, along with you Cliff, this may seem a dumb question but what the hell do you folks in the USA do with all the corn' far as I can tell there's corn whiskey and corn flakes and????????? is it used for winter stock fodder??

1 plus twins said...

ok since i am no farmer i am asking a dumb question. what is next that you said you will be on the tractor and you said your done with harvset?

hey when you get a chance stop by my blog, i have two pictures posted that i really need help with!!


nora leona said...

I always enjoyed the after-harvest work more than the actual harvesting. It is a lot of pressure for a teenage girl to be at just the right spot in the field to fill the wagons or back the wagons around the grain bin or try to not spill any when unloading while driving a cantankerous old John Deere “B”. It seemed like there was always an audience to make me nervous while hitching the wagons or moving the auger. And just try being a shy girl in the field with a bunch of guys when you have to go to the bathroom.

I loved the after-combining work of mowing. It was not quite as precise which left more time for daydreaming. And I was alone – I could go potty when ever I wanted to.

Congratulations! And order two pieces of pie -- you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo, Cliff. I love seeing that dust trailing off behind the combine. It's a good thing you take a camera to work.

Enjoyed the story, too. Your dad reminds me of my grandpa.

Rhodent said...

Congrats on your "Yippee" time! I am really looking forward to seeing the farm next summer during Blogstock!

Hope you find a yummy piece of pie somewhere to keep the tradition going!

Jerry in Texas said...

Okay, I'll ask:

Cliff, are you done harvesting yet?

Anonymous said...

Yipee for you! You sound good!
(there's a pumpkin photo especially for you (and Jamie Dawn) on my site- You'll know which one out of the collection.

eyes_only4him said...

Shall we go have some pie Cliff?

Rachel said...

Yippee!!! Is your harvesting done?? :)

Did someone say pie?? Sounds great! I hope you had a couple of pieces! You deserve it.

Janell said...

I sure do miss Norma's pies.

Ralph said...

Long celebrations wear me out. I like the Yippee, let's have a piece of pie and get back to work kind.
Glad to hear harvest is over and everyone is okay. You know, they have the same number of fingers and toes as when they started.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm with Rachel on the pie thing.
Once that was mentioned, I could hardly concentrate on reading the rest of the post.


Paul Nichols said...

Yippee is right.

I worked real hard to put up a clever comment here last night. Did you delete it?

Anyway, I also said, "Whur I'm from, we say "Yeehaw." Means the same thing, I think.

Anyway, rich blessing to you and all your neighbors after your harvests.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of your farm, Cliff. No corn farmers in my family. Once had a potato farmer known as the potato king of Whatcom County. That wasn't even on the Irish side... Nope, we're dairy farmers here. Record highs for more than just the corn...hay is high, too!

PinkCat said...

Wooo hooo Cliff. I love your farm and that your a Farmer boy.

I have missed you and I will be making a better effort to keep on reading.

Hugs xx

Raggedy said...

Have a wonderful weekend!
(=':'=) huggles
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one