Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Shopping For Dessert

Update to this post: When we awoke this morning it was to the sound of very high winds, 1 inch of snow, and it was 2 degrees. The mud has disappeared.
We attended a cub scout cake auction last night. We drove thru rain and 2 " deep mud. The mud on our country roads was exactly 2 inches deep because that's how far down it had thawed. So we've got 14 miles of mud out and back, and 10 miles of pavement out and back. To buy a cake.
Our red Grand Caravan is now brown. We have two other white Grand Caravans that are now brown. We have a silver/gray Chevy pickup that is now brown. The cake we bought was white.
If you purchase a cake and pay more than fifty dollars for it, it's okay to pull a knife and plastic fork out and begin eating.
We did. We passed it around. We gave the person we outbid a piece. We sent the rest home with the Grand kids.
A good time was had by all.
On the way home Dan called from Lincoln. I said hello and he said, "today we have just hit a new low in the long and storied life of the Morrow Family." You would be surprised how many subjects can run through your brain in the matter of just about 2 seconds. I was immediately worried and said in a dejected tone, "What happened?" I was prepared for the worst.
"Julie made tofu nuggets for dinner tonight." I began to breathe again. He told of how their three year old wanted to skip the nuggets and go to the salad. She and Dad reached an agreement that one nugget eaten would get you the salad. She is used to this kind of bartering and grabbed a small bite of tofu chicken. She shoved it in and her tongue kicked it out. She grabbed it and shoved it in again and her tongue rejected it. Her Dad thought her brain was running her hand but her tongue was actually being operated by the laws of nature. That particular texture was not getting by the tongue. She got her salad for a good effort.
I think the dinner problem could have been corrected with small, $2.50 piece of cake.


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

You sure painted an image of that tofu tripping her puker, ha! ;)

Peter said...

Sure sounds like the cake would be a better bet than the tofu Cliff.
Re your queries (a) I watched a lot of it on TV but as I'm located 1000 miles from Melbourne I didn't actually get there. (b) As I explained to you at the outset of Blogstock I need two major events to entice me all the way to the USA and the second one was the Fall colours, so sorry buddy you'll just have to limp along without me.

Flip Flop Momma said...

well buddy....hope the cake was worth it...

no mud here, jsut cold cold cold..

and no one needs to eat tofu...that is child abuse in my eyes.


1 plus twins said...


Lucy Stern said...

Cliff, I am sure your granddaughter would have prefered the cake to the Tofu... The sound of it just wants me to spit it out too. YEK!

We had a cold front that pushed thru last night too, but it only got down to the low forties and a lot of wind. No snow, No mud.. I hope you have a high preasure sprayer that can wash off all that mud after the thaw....lol. Stay warm and eat some chicken soup.

Janell said...

I wonder if anyone's ever tried to make tofu cake? Nah, probably not. Not even frosting would help tofu. Julie gets a round of applause for the effort, tho.

JunieRose2005 said...

...sooo- is brown your favorite color in vehicles these days? :)

Man! That was quite an expensive cake...but helping the Boy Scouts is a worthy cause! (lol- we did a lot of that with Girl Scout and Boy Scout events...the $$$ thing, I mean!)


cassie-b said...

That's just the same way Don reacts to tofu. It's just not for everyone.


LZ Blogger said...

Cliff Buddy ~ I can relate here! My oldest son and his family are all vegetarians, but we try hard to oblige their wishes. I am actually surprised that the tofu sausage patties are actually as good as Jimmy Dean's. (But they're still not as good as thick fried peppered bacon slices!) But... you may want to plant a few hundred acres of beans and hold off on the corn for a while bud... just in CASE! ~ jb///

nora said...

I had tofu stirfry for lunch today. When my mouth squished down on the tofu, I panicked. I'm allergic to shellfish and I thought it was a scallop.
Hearing it was tofu, was a huge relief.

Ralph said...

We paid over $50 once for a cake. Cost us not only the price of the cake but a tax deduction - she got married. I don't remember having of any of the cake either.

Cliff said...

You know Ralph neither one of us got a piece of that cake.

Paul said...

I stepped in some tofu once and my boot yanked itself off my foot.

John Goerzen said...

Hey Cliff, glad that the mud has disappeared. Hopefully driving will be easy for you for awhile.

Until the temperature gets above 32 degrees and that snow on the road starts melting, anyhow.

Maybe someone on the county board of supervisors should order more gravel on your road.

Jamie Dawn said...

Tofu or cake??
Tofu or cake??
Tofu or cake???

Now, that's a toughy!

Tofu nuggets and salad would make a good menu for prisoners. It's far worse than bread and water.

We had hail last night, and now it's raining cats and dogs. Mud is sure to develop, but not anything like you described. We have paved roads in this part of Hickville.

Jim said...

And a little ice cream?

Rachel said...

I have never had tofu nuggets but they just don't sound appealing at all.

I hope that it's warmed up a few degrees out there!

Britmum said...

I am trying to eat vegetarian but the sound of tofu nuggets is a bit too much.

Brown can be an exciting colour!! Thinks of it as earthy! lol

Take care xx

Sandy said...

That tofu story was just too funny.

I remember when we used to have mud brown vehicles way back when it used to snow & thaw here, long ago.

Mommy said...

Ahhh, cub scout cake auctions. I remember paying $80-some dollars for a cake that resembled spaghetti. Truffles for the meatballs and jam for the sauce...it was GOOD!

TamWill said...

Oh yeah I know all about those cub scout auctions. Last year we bought two cakes for 50.00 each. The only thing is the rule was that each boy had to make the cake with the help of his father. NO WOMEN help ALLOWed. Needless to say the cakes were not edible.
I knew when my Twins would not eat them (after the first bite) that they were throw-aways.