Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Friendly Trio

This trio sang in our church a while back. They were named 'The Redneck Angels' by our pastor. He was an interim pastor and we now have a new minister so on our interims last Sunday with us, he requested this group to sing.
They are all friends of their accompaniast on the left. My daughter. They call her the 'Music Nazi'.
The one on the right is also a member of our church. Their super alto is second from left and is Janell of One Square Mile fame. (her current post wasn't written by her)
The three on the left got to know each other first as trail riders and pretty good horsewomen.
They sing mostly what I call country. But I'm sure if you asked them that wouldn't be correct as there seems to be 50 different ways to categorize music. The lead is third from the left and has a great, strong voice.
I can invision them all riding into the sunset on horseback whilst mixing their voices into a wonderful 'dessert' of sound.
The piano on a horse is still a problem in my mind. That might explain why Roy and Dale always used a guitar. Happy trails to you.


Lucy Stern said...

A piano on a horse =s a marching piano in a marching band...both extremely hard. The ladies sound very talented and I'm sure you enjoyed their music, whatever kind it was.

BTW: I stand corrected on my "wet hen" comment.

Ralph said...

A talented group to be sure. Will they be making a guest appearance at Blogstock?

Rachel said...

Lovely ladies!! Smart too since they like horses! :)

I'd love to hear them sing. As for getting the piano on the horse; ask Red Green. I'll bet he could make it happen!! Poor horse probably couldn't move but I'll bet he'd duck tape a piano to one!

Jamie Dawn said...

The Redneck Angels and their Nazi Pianist should travel the nation's churches. They could do all their traveling on horseback with the Nazi's piano being pulled on a wagon.

1 plus twins said...

i think they should give a concert at blogstock!!!

bobbie said...

Pulling the piano in a wagon sounds a lot more humane. I like that idea.

By the way, Cliff. I'm not a democrat. I'm an independent.
If the horse was an independent, he'd vote for the guitar.

Paul said...

A trio of four? Your picture almost had me going there, Cliff. Glad you explained it. I was just about to think that you didn't know the difference between a trio and a quintet.

Anyway, I'm with Ralph and 1 Plus Twins: how bout a musical treat from them?

Cliff said...

I'm pretty sure it can be arranged.

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ Now let me get this straight... the "Redneck Angels" were accompanied by the "Music Nazi"? Do I pretty much have it? Yea... I was afraid that I might. Because those don't really seem to go together. But I guess they DID! Sounds like fun at any rate! ~ jb///

Cliff said...

Yep Jerry. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Janell said...

Gosh, Cliff. Somebody should get that old alto away from those beautiful young girls. She's gonna be a bad influence on them!

But I do like Jamie Dawn's idea of traveling the nation's churches on horseback with the piano in the wagon. We'd be just like the old-time circuit riders.

nora said...

"I'm pretty sure it can be arranged."

The puns just keep comin'

Sue said...

If the trio is going to be circuit riders, they will need some kind of cure-all elixer in a bottle to sell. Any ideas. Maybe Geritol.

Jamie Dawn said...

Nuthin' new heer, I see.

Jim said...

I'm late, I've been gone. Of course I have the solution, I generally do. A smaller keyboard will fit nicely on horseback with the Nazi.
That wouldn't be as glamorous as the piano in the wagon, but the tuning problems would be nil.
Can't wait till the parade!