Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogstock 08 In the Beginning...

The condition of the farmstead has taken a backseat to irrigating corn since Blogstock. The lawnmower and weed eater have been tossed aside like a winter coat in July. We had 9 tenths of an inch of rain two nights ago. That really helped with the irrigating.

Some thoughts on Blogstock. Ralph and Char and Desiree and Rachel were here early to help get ready. They mowed and made cherry jam and parade floats and Blogstock welcome bags, and helped put up hay, and the tent, and washed dishes over and over and over again and add infinity and nausea.

This really happened: On Friday morning I got up in a bad mood. There was no particular reason for my mood but I was just really tired from throwing hay bales in the heat. Ralph had been here five nights already and as I emerged from my bedroom on the way to the bathroom I came face to face with Ralph. Neither one of us felt like smiling. As a matter of fact we both had a 'mean' look on our face. Our guest Ralph broke the ice with, "You know what? I'm getting really tired of getting up every morning and finding you still here." It was right then that I realized that it was time for Blogstock to get over with. Ralph was getting to comfortable.

The picture is of Desiree. Ralph and Char attended her Baptism in Illinois and then brought her to help us get ready for Blogstock. This is one talented, and hard working girl. She rose to the top of my list when one of her first jobs was to drive one of our rigs with 4 big round bales on it. We had nearly three miles of uneven roads to navigate and I had loaded it improperly. The bale on top looked like a big water baloon sitting on a teaspoon. She had only gone about twenty yards before I realized the girl knew what she was doing with the trailer. She has 'the touch' when it comes to pulling big loads that could spill. She made it without incident.

She also taught me not to carry an empty Morrow Kennel cup into the kitchen for a refill. It will be snatched out of your hand and into the dishwasher before you can say, "Uh, I was going to get more iced tea." She works fast, and hard, and appears to be tireless. Juli and Desiree and Ralph helped pick up several loads of small square bales also. Those two young ladies were great. Ralph and I tried to stay out of the way.

Ralph and I built the frame for the float trailer and then turned it over to Desiree to ram rod the decorating. Ralph said we needed to designate her as the 'point' on this project. I told Ralph we don't have 'point' people on farms in Nebraska. He said if we were going to get the job done there was going to be a 'point'. Anyway, she was 'in charge' of decorating and did a great job.

Rachel was doing a lot of everything. We told her she could be a pit person and after her initial glee from thinking she was going to a NASCAR event, we showed her where the cherry trees were. She picked and pitted and made jam like a pro. Rachel is low key and polite and really handy around the kitchen. Everything I'm not. She was also tireless and this wouldn't have been pulled off without her.

Next: Ralph and Char


Paul Nichols said...

I received a box from Blogstock with Honey and Cherry Jam; a book, a bag, and other nic-nacs. We really regret missing out. Next year we're gonna go twice. But if you're going to have all that work to do... We thought it was supposed to be a fun event.

Then, wouldn't you know it? Janell sent a CD with a brazillion pictures on it. Apparently, there was a little fun here and there after all.

Cliff said...

Looking back Paul, The work was mostly self imposed. The hay should have been delayed a week and we could have scheduled this other than the 4th thereby eliminating the float. And half of the fun.

bobbie said...

Uea, Desiree! That's some big bale of hay!

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Cliff! I cannot imagine you ever waking up in a bad mood. I can imagine Ralph saying that though. But they way you two go back and forth, I figured you two to be brothers in a previous life and this one. He is a good friend.

Kudos to the girls for their tiredlessness and really pitching in. Lisa

Ralph said...

Yeah Cliff I'm sorry about that comment. About noon that day I realized I was the one that probably needed to leave. Then I said to myself, "Well, too bad! I'm staying a few more days."

You and Marilyn might have the only house where I don't mind violating the three day rule.
Thanks to both of you.

Jerry said...

Thank you guys for all your hard work. Desiree is invited to my next party. At least I know setup and cleanup will be handled.

Whoever made the jam, that was some good stuff. But the jars were a bit small. ;-)

Jim said...

I.e, keep posted. You are going for all out, this is good stuff.
I'll bet Rachel was ready to start her engine!

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

Ahh Cliff...
Thanks you for your kind words !
Truth be told this was a team effort, I am just thankful that I had such a great team to be a part of.
Good Times ! Good Times !

Can't wait for the next one !

Shannon said...

Making hay can drain the best of us, lol. At the beginning of haying season the hubs was all ," I could do this all the time and stop row-cropping", by the end he was less than enthusiastic. Glad you had some "fresh" helpers. We just planted another batch of late beans yesterday on some new land we rented. Cross your fingers for no early frost. It never ends. :)

Rachel said...

Great memories Cliff!! It was hard work. It was fun. I wish that more of the bloggers could have joined us. I do hope that we do this Indiana, in Nebraska..or wherever!!!

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ It was obvious to all of us (who got to ENJOY the fruits of everyone else's efforts) that a lot of work had been completed by SOMEONE before Mrs. LZ and I had even arrived. Thanks not only all of the work you put in... but also for the mentions here for your helpers too! ~ jb///

Janell said...

Kudos to everyone! It was a great weekend. I'm sorry I missed out on the haying... no, wait a minute... not really. Maybe next time.

Peter said...

Hi Cliff, its good to hear who did all the work in preparing for Blogstock, we knew it wasn't you!!!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Desiree is indeed a hard worker. She was doing some last minute work on the float when we arrived, and when I met her, she had a big smile and very friendly way about her. I liked her from then on.
When I first saw Rachel she said she was having a great time on the farm, and she said, "They're working me to death!" She said that with a smile of course and with great affection.
I'm sure enjoying the goodies in the Blogstock bag. I've been having some of that yummy honey every day.
The Morrow Kennel cup is being used daily too.
I'm still on a Blogstock high because it was really an enjoyable event. Many many thanks to all who did the preparatory work to make it the wonderful event that it was!!!!!
I didn't mention Juli yet in this comment. She worked and rode horses and led horse rides for hours on end. Even when I walked over to say goodbye after sunset, she was taking care of the horses. She is a lovely person and a hard worker.
That whole farm was just crawling with wonderful people!! You & Marilyn too, also, as well, in addition are worthy of praise!!

Lucy Stern said...

Anything worth having requires work! It looks like everyone did their part and pulled the whole thing off. Can't wait for next year.