Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Of Local Interest!

For all of you folks from the area who read this blog, I'm going to list the Bloggers (in order from top to bottom) in my blog roll at left, who attended Blogstock 08. They all have nice articles written about Tekamah in their blogs. (Except son Dan. His likely won't be written for a month or two)Just click on their names.
Those attending were:
Dan Morrow
Ralph Campbell
Terah Goerzen
John Goerzen
Jamie Dawn
Wiley or Jerry aka. Jerry Wiley
Lazy Blogger
Desiree in Normal.

To you bloggers: The local paper has hit the racks and we were mentioned three times in this edition.

We were mentioned at the beginning of this staff written article.
And a nice picture of Nora appeared with a nice mention of Blogstock and how Nora, Ralph, and Jerry made the trip to town to donate every thing to the food bank. Jerry says he doesn't remember making the trip but we all know he did.
Ralph wrote a nice thank you to the citizens of Tekamah for their generosity. It's in the hardcopy but I can't find it in the online edition.
I'm still pressed for time but this should keep y'all busy for a while.


Granny Annie said...

Nice picture of Nora! It's sounding more and more like a good time was had by all.

Ralph said...

Nice write up's. Man, was that fun.

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

Wow, what fun that is ! Thanks Cliff & Midwest Messenger !

Rachel said...

Thanks Cliff! I'm glad we were able to get some food and money for the food bank! It was so much fun! Great picture of Nora!

Rachel said...
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Jim said...

Hi Cliff -- Thanks for the Plaindealer report, I'll come back later to check them out.
We just got back from our Colorado detour a few hours ago (Thursday).
Again, you and Ma**n were a most gracious host, just like our Southern Hospitality down here!
I'm send my sister (Lois) links of those posting about Blogstock,'08, most are.

bobbie said...

Gee, I'm jealous. You guys had all the fun, and here we are back east, just plugging along as usual.

Glad you got caught up on posts, despite the offending images on the side. Sorry I did my "Voices in the Attic" one while you were busy with Blogstock. I was sort of waiting for you to comment on that one. (Yes, I'm still hearing voices.)

Jamie Dawn said...

Nora had a great idea! She's quite a thinker, and I'm so glad the paper acknowledged her.
I agree that the people of Tekamah are a good bunch of folks. They were giving and welcoming, from the streets of the parade to the winery owners to the Morrows and friends & family from the area.
Tekamah is a wonderful town!! I'm glad I learned to pronounce Tekamah correctly.

JunieRose2005 said...


It looks like your Blogstock was a big success! I've been reading all of the reports! :)

It was fun for me seeing all of you together! :)


Janell said...

GREAT picture of the BEAUTIFUL Nora.

nora said...

Awwwh, shucks.
I've got a Blogstock post in the works. I worked both part time jobs in the last twenty-four hours and I'm flying back out the door. Ugggh.
I miss everyone!