Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures From Blogstock

This is Jim at our Saturday morning Blogstock breakfast. He has already eaten and is looking at his maps for an inside passsage to the Pacific thinking that Lewis and Clark might have missed something after they passed by where our house is now.
Mrs Jim is phoning his Doctor to say he is "hearing those voices again."

This is Jerry trying to convince Rachel that he doesn't just work for that big oil company in Houston, he actually owns the company.
Inspite of his boyish good looks, Rachel was just nodding her head in agreement while occasionally looking around the room to smile at others and see if there maybe wasn't someone else to talk to.

This pic is also taken in our sunroom/porch/deck or what ever it is we call it.
It's a rare photo. It shows John and Terah visiting with Char and Ralph. It is rare because John isn't out chasing Jacob through the corn and it shows Char and Ralph together in the same room. After perusing all of my Blogstock photos as well as all of Ralph's, this is the only one I found with them together. That is mainly because they seem to be working constantly. You need to be careful what you wish for outloud around either one of them because they will go get it or do it or build it or stack it or buy it or have it shpped in. These two are good people and great friends.
NEXT: Jamie Dawn tries to steal a baby and More.
You may not have escaped after all.


Rachel said...

What??? You mean Jerry really doesn't own the company?? He was so convincing!!!

I love it Cliff! Brings back those great Blogstock memories! I'll be watching for more!!

LZ Blogger said...

Darn it Cliff... now you are just bringing back memories that I NEVER had! As for that Cherry Jelly... I think Marilyn and Char ought to go into business with that stuff! Put in an order for me on their first case of "World FAMOUS BlogStock Cherry Jelly!" ~ jb///

Gette said...

Fun stuff! Keep it coming!

Flip Flop Momma said...

jerry could convince me of anything..he is THAT cute..

Jamie stealing a tot is not surprising...not surprising at all..

she needs help.

possum said...

Looks like I missed a lot of fun... Doing it again next year???? Will you be able to handle the crowds????? Will you be able to make enough cherry jelly?

Shannon said...

Great pics!!!

EV said...

Bwahahahahaha! Great comments, Cliff.

Jim said...

Thanks, Cliff, for putting Mrs. Jim and me on your blog. Of course like most pictures that I don't take, it didn't flatter me very much.
I was planning for Sunday to see if there was a way to Telluride where our car wouldn't be needing antifreeze.
Mrs. Jim was responsible for me editing the "NEW REVISED RULES OF CELL PHONE USAGE ETIQUETTE IN RESTAURANTS" (Google that mess to find where I put it).
This is a really good post Cliff!
I hadn't heard about Jamie stealing babies?

Janell said...

Nice pictures, Cliff. I wish I hadn't missed the brunch.

Ralph said...

Good post Cliff but you make it sound like we did a lot more than did. But on the hand. . . we did bring Desiree.

Jerry said...

Way to go, Cliff. I had Rachel completely fooled. I told her that I moved the headquarters to Houston because it's the only place with the proper humidity to make my hair to stand straight up. She'll believe anything.

Good pics.

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope Jim has gotten the help he needs.
Maybe Adi can...
provide counseling for him.
Maybe Adi can...
learn Spanish in two weeks.
Maybe Adi can...
do The Twist.
Maybe Adi can...
lower gasoline prices.
Maybe Adi can...
attend Blogstock '09.

Jerry said he turned 45 (I think that's what he said) on his b-day, but the truth is, he is 35 and just likes compliments. He's an evil, Big Oil guy, and as we all know, they ALL lie.

Rachel is long suffering and kind to even Big Oil guys.

John and Terah have a son who's addicted to cherries.

If you're talking about Little Cliff, then you are SO right that I wanted to nab that little feller and take him home with me. Hudson is precious!!

Paul Nichols said...

Try putting that cherry jam
on a chop of lamb.
I am. I am.

Dreamy it is, that cherry jam,
I am. I am.