Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's Early Sunday Morning...

We're in the middle of soybean harvest but we'll take the time to go to church and then travel to Lincoln for Hudson's first ever Birthday Party. He plans to make this an annual event.
Being so short on time I decided to put up two posts at once. One big one and one small one.
Here they are: UPDATE: The host family in Lincoln had the flu and so Hudson isn't one year old, yet. I sent Marilyn to represent me at church and we continued harvest. We have rain on the way so we are under the gun a bit. We are down to 80 acres of beans left to harvest. There isn't any hurry I guess because the corn isn't dry enough to harvest.


Ralph said...

Wish Hudson Happy Birthday for us.
About the two post. . .

Granny Annie said...

What joy is ahead with lots of birthday parties. Happy FIRST Birthday Hudson.

Are those hedge posts? That's the best kind.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Happy Birthday Hudson.

There is something seriously wrong with you, lol.

I can always count on you for a laugh.

Have a safe trip with the ladies and enjoy yourselves. Lisa

marla said...

Well Cliff that was brilliant!
Happy Birthdy to your grandson.

bobbie said...

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Cliff, you're a nut!
Thanks for the info, but I have seen it before. I do understand what you are saying, but as I've said before, you and I just have to agree to disagree.

Enjoy the birthday party!

Peter said...

Hi Cliff, those are two great posts !! there's two more.

Jerry said...

You must have a PhD (Post hole Digger).

We're done with beans, and waiting on the corn or the replanted beans, whichever is ready first. Looks like a November corn harvest this year!

Happy 1st birthday to Hudson!

Jim said...

Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!
Happy Birthday Husdon!

That is about all the better I can sing. You will remember I was asked to leave a church choir, the director said I had a bad ear. So
Happy Birthday Husdon!

Isn't it nice to be a little kid and your birthday is when the parents say it is.
Now soon I will be old enough so the kids will be telling me when my birthday is.

Here is wishing you the best with the crops.

I have nominated you for an award. You deserve it, you were my second reader and a big encouragement for my blogging start.
So come get it when you have the time, [:-)],

Janell said...

Hudson got the flu for his birthday? Poor little guy.

But I do love your big and small posts.

Good luck with the harvest. Please stay safe.

Lucy Stern said...

Cliff, sorry to hear that Hudson mised his first birthday party due to family illness. Maybe he can have it next weekend and no one will ever know it is not on it's actual day.

Sounds like you are in your busy season. I hope you have a good harvest......Now, as for the little

Ralph said...

Man that's a bummer - poor little guy can't even turn one.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Hudson! The two posts thing was brilliant. I hear you on jumping the rain, we have changed plans many a day because of rain coming during harvest or planting. The hubs wasn't going to go to the field yesterday, but rain is coming Wednesday. ;)

Jamie Dawn said...

Too bad about the flu messing up Hudson's plans.
Happy Birthday to Hudson!!!!
He also plans to receive gifts at his annual birthday events. Hugs and kisses will be tolerated as long as gifts and cake follow.

Those are some sad looking posts.
No character.
Little humor.
Lacking in color or pattern.
Pink polka dots would have made them better.

I wish you a good and speedy harvest!
Now, get back to work!

EV said...

* Hudson, Happy Birthday, Dude! ^5!
* Cliff, don't work too hard. Sounds like you have, at least, a bit of a break from the weather.

Rachel said...

Two very nice posts Cliff!

Sorry that someone had the flu. That Hudson is a cute little guy. I remember JD trying to steal him!!

I'm sure he had a good birthday anyway.

Hope you beat the rain with the harvest and then send the rain this way please. It's dry, dry, dry here.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Happy Birthday to Hudson..

I like the bigger post best..