Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ralph Came To Help With Harvest!

But it rained the whole time he was here. He is a good friend and I hope he wasn't disappointed that we couldn't run. Thanks Buddy! He said it was okay and that he wanted to get grounded again and sure enough Marilyn grounded both of us while he was here.
ALSO: we got a heavy frost last night. We needed that to finish killing the corn stalks that just wouldn't give up the ghost. It will help with the dry down of the corn.
At a party Saturday night, I talked to a friend who had hosted a 'frog leg' party. He got some of the frogs on our place. I had turned down his invitation to his party. I kind of told a little fib. I told him eating frog legs always makes me jumpy.
Anyhow, I had asked about exactly how he hunted for them. He then went off into this true story from about a month ago. He and a friend had pulled into a vacant lot directly across the road from Summit Lake. It's west of Tekamah. They were drinking beer and putting on their equipment consisting of hip waders and miners lights. One of our Sheriff deputies drove up and said, "Hey, what are you guys doing?" The reply was "We're finishing our beers since we can't take them across the road onto state property and we're putting on our equipment to go frog hunting."
The very serious Deputy then asked, "Do you guys really thing it's a good idea to drink beer and then walk into a lake and go frog hunting?"
My friend leaned on the police car and said, "Officer, do you really think we'd be going frog hunting if we hadn't been drinking?"
The officer drove away. There are some patterns of thought that can't be argued with.


Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

Well our 8 year old will tell ya that the Tekamah Frogs are the best one's around. He still has three of them living here in Normal.Don't tell your frog hunter friends.

Well we both know Ralph did not really want to work anyways. He has the lady folks deal with all the labor jobs..... JOKING!


Marla said...

I can't say that I would really want to go to a frog leg party! I don't know if I have eaten them before. I can't believe the police didn't watch for them to leave the lake so he could get them for a DUI. It was good to see you today Cliff.

Jerry said...

It's probably just as well it rained. At least you'll have less equipment to repair that way.

Sorry, Ralph.

Lucy Stern said...

No comment on the frogs.....YEK!

Sorry you didn't get your harvest in, but there is always a tomorrow...

Jim said...

Hi Cliff, going to those guys' party would make you jumpy and who knows what else!

Hope Ralph enjoyed the rain, I know he enjoyed visiting with you and that he didn't mind Marilyn grounding him. Especially if he was invited to the frog party too.

bobbie said...

Well, they left that deputy sheriff with a story to tell.

An invitation to a frog leg party would send me running the other way.

So sorry to hear Ralph couldn't help you out. I'll bet you both were crying in your beer.

EV said...

Do they mount the heads and hang 'em in their den?

Janell said...

Good question, ev! LOL!

We got another .25 of rain last night, but the sun is out today.

I'm disappointed Ralph didn't stop out to see me while he was in the neighborhood.

Frog hunting sounds even worse than eating them. BRRRR!

ralph said...

If you would have been with me on my way down two mile road you would have known - I had a great time!! As usual!! I credit it all to Marilyn. Okay, maybe half credit.
My thanks to the both of you for putting up with me.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Cliff! I am sure you and Ralph were disappointed that you couldn't run. I am harvest. And just bored out of you minds. Oh Boy. What the two of you must have but Marilyn through.
Frog leg party? I think I would past on that. I am glad you didn't go. I heard that the "jumpy" hangovers are the worst.:o)
Well have a good weekend. Lisa

Peter said...

G'day Cliff, here's hopping that things are jumping at your place.
The Wudinna harvest has begun, I'll post a bit about it in a while.

Rachel said...

Yeah, what Jerry said!!

I never cared much for frog legs myself. I guess the officer agreed with those crazy frog hunters!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Arkansans call that "frog gigging."
Last summer, Taylor and my dad got some frog giggers and went to some nearby creeks to impale some hapless froggies. They did not get a single one.
I am glad because I would have felt very sorry for those frogs.

Ralph just didn't get enough from his July trip to the farm. He had to share all your attention with all of us blog buddies. I hope he got lots of attention this trip.


Dan said...

that's funny!

Joe B said...

Great story Cliff!
This is my first visit to your blog.
What does "give up the ghost" mean as it relates to corn?
By the way, here in Illinois a lot of farmers are leaving their corn on the stock very late (some still up and is all brown) why is that?

Cliff said...

Well Joe, the corn still up is probably because like here we were short of 'degree days' meaning it was too cool this summer. (we need to elect a Democrat soon so we can get some of that global warming) The corn matured late and is too wet for harvest. We prefer it near 15% moisture for harvest and the driest we have is 20%. Now we need some cold weather to 'freeze dry' it in the field.

Joe B said...

Interesting. I am legitimately interested and ignorant of this.
Do you literally want it freeze dried in the field? Does that mean its a completely lost crop or is their other uses?
BTW, no can do on the warming. Its probably going to start warming again in 2012. Don't worry, I just traded my car in for a SUV. So I am doing all I can to warm things back up for you.

nora said...

I bet you and Ralph still had a lot of fun - and I'm guessing that Marilyn did some eye rolling.
Glad to hear about the frost.

Cliff said...

Joe, the corn is not hurt. It just needs to dry. I think the frost does two things. 1. the freezing and thawing process seems to drop a percentage point of moisture pretty quickly and 2. it brings to a complete stop the growing process so the plant stop translocating nutrients.

EV said...

I wish I'd stop translocating nutrients; it's a constant battle.