Tuesday, February 03, 2009

To The Vineyard

When we were done with the parade we started on our way to the winery. This picture is a good representation of the hills north and west of town.
This is near the entry point to the winery.
Looking west, along the lane to the winery buildings.
I'm having a brief conversation with JD and the Rev. One of my regrets of Blogstock '08 was not having had enough time to sit down and have a long converstaion with these two. I guess I could say that about everyone who came. We'll do better at the next Blogstock.
Mr & Mrs LZ and Rachel. Rachel has just posed the question, "Why are we here?"
I just remembered why we have only one picture of JD out at the winery. She and Rev were next to last to go thru the food line. So about right here I put the camera down and headed to the chow line.
We left the winery and stopped for a few minutes at my mil's. To get the float home, we needed to strip it of it's dignity. The 9 miles at 50 mph wouldn't have been good. We'd have had Bolgstock stars, posters, and trimmings strung for a good distance. Here Mr and Mrs LZ and I are taking it apart. It took about 30 man hours to build and decorate and about 15 minutes to take it apart.
We've finally finished this long journey and have arrived at the farm. This is our house. The little window at the top is where I look out to see if it's a human or an animal that trying to get in.
Next is food and fun under the big top.


Lanny said...

"30 man hours to build and decorate, 15 minutes to take apart." Is that the way it goes for so many things we do that we love to do, Thanksgiving dinner, Fairs, weddings... I dare say you could have sandwiched in there the time it took to "do" the parade.

Jim said...

Cliff, I like your house picture. Until I got too old to climb the stairs I would have my ham (radio) shack up there.

This has been a very good series. Thank you.

I did hear a hint about Blogstock '09 ("We'll do better at the next Blogstock."). I am getting all excited.

And I missed your January 29th birthday big time. I am so sorry (sorry person, right?). Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (LATE) CLIFF!

Jim said...

In fact these are sooooo goooood that they deserve a unique "Label" and a link in your margin.
That way we could come and reminisce.

Ralph said...

Lanny is so right here. It's that way on so many things. I would not trade one minute of blogstock time - it was great. Okay, maybe I would trade putting up the hay - getting outworked by two women didn't help my ego.

EV said...

It really was a phenomenon. I can see archeologists puzzling over the Blogstock artifacts. Everyone is ready for 2009!

Shannon said...

That first picture is gorgeous!!!!

Linda G. said...

I've been having a lovely time here attending the parade. Your pictures are great! Blogstock looks like great fun!
I like your post on the bail out. I couldn't agree more..maybe because I'm an Arizona transplant from Nebraska. I brought that midwest attitude with me!

Miki said...

Cliff, I am so orry to have missed your Birthday! I hope you had a nice day, and that it was happy! As for the last few posts, LOVE THEM! Makes me even sadder that I missed the big event this past summer! Keep up the good work, Cliff.

Rachel said...

This series about Blogstock sure makes me smile! It was so nice!

That might be the home that Marilyn puts you in for your "doghouse" time! I did not venture inside that building while I was there.

Everything is so green and pretty!

Peter said...

Cliff I'm not pickin' on you I'm just sayin'. how the hell could you see out of that little window whether it was an animal or a human visitin'.

nora said...

Fun stuff!

Marla said...

I didn't know that there is a winery around Tekamah. Are you having a Blogstock 09, cause if you are I want to be invited!

Jamie Dawn said...

You'd never know by the looks of that house of yours that you go downstairs underground and there's a five bedroom, three bath basement.

That's quite an eyesore of a shot of me chopping on food as I'm making my way to find a seat. The food was good, and that is why I ended up going for seconds later, and I ended up eating about five cookies. The winery luncheon was terrific!

The Reverend and I will contact your people and schedule time for a nice, long conversation.

I hope Rachel got the answer to her question.