Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meeting The Deadline Is Easy

6:45 AM Phone call.
Me: Good Morning, This is Cliff. You're at work early this morning.
Fran: Yes Cliff I recognized your voice and yes I'm always here. (I think I must have a distinct voice because most people say they knew it was me with a 'well duh' in their voice.)
Me: I've almost got my taxes ready but I've got too many meetings to get done.
Fran: Well I've been wondering about you. I'll file an extension on your behalf.
Me: Thanks. Bye.
I love small towns.
1: Procrastination is a wonderful thing.
2: I wanted to keep it legal because Timmy is going to 'crack down' on tax cheats. (and he DOES know what he's looking for.)
3. Or I could just not pay them all together and get a job in DC. (Dang! I've already sent in my estimated quarterly payments. Now I'll have to keep farming.)


EV said...

Be honest, you are comforted by the fact that Barney, Nancy and Harry will be good stewards of your money. You know, as Nancy terms them, “legislatively approved projects ( AKA pork or redistribution).”

Cliff said...

Yes M. I like the slogan,
"You contribute-We'll re-distribute."

Dan said...

Dad, Alicia here at my office said the other day, "I got my taxes done, now I can't be in Obama's cabinet."

Paul Nichols said...

We filed our 1040 last week. Then the DC Crowd quickly turned us down for a government appointment. "Honesty is a virtue," the letter said, "but in your case, you're overqualified." :)

I've been an official member of Procrastinators Anonymous since, oh, about 1967. Well, actually, that will only be true as soon as I get around to signing up.

Lanny said...

Sorry about the lost opportunity for career change but you will feel cleaner right where you are, earth washes off.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

wow, your one of the last tax payers---I wonder who is gonna push the wagon once we all on board for the government handouts?

Lucy Stern said...

Got my taxes mailed in about 5:00pm. this afternoon.... You aren't the only one to procrastinate. lol...

Jerry in Indiana said...

I helped a friend get his taxes done today. Now I have everyone's takes done...but mine, which I have to re-do thanks to a late 1099 form.

I'm really starting to hate tax season.

Peter said...

Dang Cliff, you reminded me that I didn't put my tax in, family matters came up and I just forgot it!!!

Sue said...

Thanks to our up-to-date CPA our taxes were e-filed. The good news is because of the high price of diesel fuel this past year we get a refund. This is a first since JD bought his own truck. The bad news is he apparantly didn't make any profit. I guess that makes his truck driving a hobby.

Shannon said...

We did ours last month. I think that was the earliest we have ever gotten them done. However, our employees were not happy with the "late" 1099's that I mailed out, lol.

Jamie Dawn said...

Timmy surely DOES know how to go about NOT paying one's taxes. He is a first hand expert, and he knows how to get away with paying penalties once you do decide to pay the piper.

Hooray for Tea Parties!! Party like it's 1773!!!
Don't Tread On Me... or my kids.


Rachel said...

Small towns have wonderful rewards like that! I got ours done last month.

Janell said...

Fran is the BEST!!

So sorry to hear you will not be taking up a position in DC.

However, since you'll still e farming, I guess me and my horses will be able to eat for another year.

Thanks, Buddy.