Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was just reading an online news story. It was quoting someone from the U.S. Justice Department's (are you ready for this) 'Public Integrity Section.'
I don't care who you are, that right there is funny.
After the tears from laughing subsided I got to thinking;
1. Really...there are actually people in Washington in charge of Integrity?
2. They're not doing their job so we need to fire them and save more money. We could use it to add to the 100 million in cost cutting the administration is pursuing. Lets see, 10 trillion minus 100 million.
At least we're making progress. (kind of like dipping a gallon of water out of the ocean.)


EV said...

"Change you can believe in" has become "Changing what we believe."

Rachel said...

Now that's some slow progress! They certainly aren't earning their keep.

Janell said...

Yup. Pass the bucket.

And did you hear the one about Air Force One posing for a photo with the Statue of Liberty? You didn't hear this from me, but she considers it porn...

Ralph said...

When we have to a "PIS" department you really have to wonder. But on the other hand, if there is a place we could use a little more integrity it is in DC.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Very interesting-----one day of "T.E.A Parties" on April 15th, and "Brick" is out looking to make spending cuts-----lets have more Tea Parties I say!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Washington DC and Integrity do not mix.
They are arch enemies.
It is considered torture to make a politician say the following words:

"I will do the right thing."

John Galt said...

I'm just curious, Cliff: Which article was that you were reading that quoted from the public integrity section? What was the gist of that article, exactly?

Cliff said...

john, I would have read it on google or yahoo news or fox news. They all carry all of the outlets. I read them to hear ALL sides of a story. I don't remember which of the administrations appointments that this was about. OR It could have been about Fienstien or Pelosi or Dodd or Barney Frank.
It's for me to know anyway. You'll not change my mind on anything. So far,(and that's a big so far) we still have the right to believe what we believe.
You can put up your five page rambling over on your blog.

John Galt said...

I assure you, Cliff, I'm not out to change your mind; you have your opinions and I have mine, and that's as it should be. We have a Two-Party system in this country exactly to maintain that delicate balance, and to act as a Check and Balance on each other's power.

But my point in asking that question was this: Everything I've read about the DoJ's public integrity section lately has been in response to Attorney General Holder's restoration of integrity to that office, especially in the overturning of charges brought during Bush's tenure against Alaska senator Ted Stevens. The very office you seem to mock as being part of President Obama's corrupt and ironic administration was -- by every estimation, not just that of the Left -- horribly diminished, politicized and corrupted by the Bush Administration, and most specifically Karl Rove. That's why I found it strange that you would mark that particular office for Conservative scorn when Obama's AG is actually restoring credibility and integrity to it as we speak.

I'm not sure why my opinions are considered "rambling," exactly, as I've never stooped to name-calling in any of our discussions. But I do appreciate, very much, your not deleting my comments.

Yours respectfully,


Cliff said...

Now as a final word on the subject...(my blog you know)
I'll believe in 'restoration of integrity' when he puts Diane Fienstien and her husband and Gietner and Daschle, Sen Dodd, and the Banking queen Frank in jail. Until then I'll believe as I do now that he is just another political hack carrying out his marching orders to get a former Administration.
And then in 3 and 1/2 years it will start all over again with the next president.