Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ode To Ralph

Ralph was here for 24 hours
Just enough time to smell the flowers.
And play some golf and eat a steak
And home grown corn and spuds we'd baked.

He left early morn on Monday last
No sun to see, it was overcast.
He made it home to see his sweetie,
And now we're hoping he comes back soon and brings his wife and helps around the farm like harvesting and mowing and the like, and if we get enough work out of him we'll get the pontoon out and go up the river for supper and that neat restaurant. (If'n he'll buy agin.)


Ralph said...

Because this poem brought a tear to my eye;
We'll meet you at the boat and I'll even buy.

It was a short but fun visit - thanks again.

JunieRose2005 said...


Good poem Cliff!!

bobbie said...

Great poem for a great guy.

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

Gald you all had a good time !
Also gald to hear that you also gave him a few tips on his golf game.

Paul Nichols said...

I realize that your family and Ralph's family are like family. So I sure don't want to be offensive to either of you, but...

and this is a big but...

when it comes to poetry, don't quit your day job.

EV said...

Are you the guy who started all those limericks?

Cliff said...

Paul...I'm crushed.

Ralph said...

No offense here Paul. Sounds like good advice to me, but. . . I can't speak for Cliff.

Jamie Dawn said...

Them's sum fine rymin' words yew strung together thar. Them werds are in onor of yer good buddie and them are dern preshus werds.
Good buddys are reely good at payin' fer supper.

Shannon said...

Cliff- Haugen Repair
Ask for Darren
(tell him Landon from NC sent ya, lol)

Hope this helps.

One day after we received the unit and installed it, another dealer outbid this price but these people are extremely nice. Would definitely do business with them again.

Granny Annie said...

You sent Ralph off
Down the road
Returning to his sweetie
And his abode.
You writ a poem of
Thanks to all.
But as poetry goes
I agree with Paul:)

(Don’t quit your day job.)


Miki said...

Cliff, you are a poet and you didn't know it! Tee couldn't resist! Loved "Ode to Ralph!" thanks as always for keeping it light.

Peter said...

Re Owed to Ralph.

Keep on farmin'.

Rachel said...

Ahh.....ain't that nice!! I'm glad you and Ralph are such good pals!!

Jerry in Indiana said...

Any ode with If'n in it is just downright classy to me!

Marla said...

What a nice poem for your pal Ralph, well at least you made the effort to write a poem about him!

Janell said...

Can I come, too?

Lucy Stern said...

If I weren' so dang busy, I would come help.