Friday, January 22, 2010

Conflict Resolution

So. I've been to a 'conflict resolution' training class in my capacity as a county Supervisor. It's designed to be used in thngs like contentuous hearings, employee strife and or negotiations and stuff like that.It was in Lincoln.  It was taught by a Prof from the U.of N.
Also, Silly me, taking a class like this  AFTER already having been married for nearly 40 years.
It has already come in handy. I left for Lincoln on Wednesday afternoon, We had lost our power (ice storm) on Tuesday nite. We went to a funeral on Wednesday morning and since there was no wind and it was 31 degrees, I felt safe taking off for  the State Capital secure in the belief that the power would be back on before sunset. I was right. It came back on before, Friday. Marilyn was home alone without power Thursday night but was able to work at the kennel all day Thursday and Friday as the power was still on there. The problem was using a candle for entertainment while at home.
The way I handled this was to get the generator out of the shed one more time and hook it up at about sundown yesterday. The good news there is that I found out it will run for at least 5 hours on a fill of gas. I've always wondered that. The bad news is that when I shut it down about noon today it was leaking enough oil to be a concern. Unattended motors shouldn't be allowed to leak oil.
Did I mention our phone is also out? It is. The good news is that we have forwarded the home phone into my cell phone. The bad news is that my cell just barely works here at home.  I may have to tavel to and spend time in Cabelas or Pro Bass Shop in Omaha to answer our home phone. Bummer.
The frozen snow packed roads that are now melting to a depth of about 1 inch are more or less a watery mixture of mud.  The south winds will cover the car with a dark brown frosting everytime we hit a watery mudhole.  For a brief moment it turns the van into an unlit cave. It is our version of the Califonia 'brown outs' of several years ago.
All of these problems have folks around this farm a bit on edge and so I've decided to resolve this conflict by trying to keep my mouth shut for a few days. I know I'm not able to do that but I don't think Marilyn's interested in hearing about  seperating 'Positions' from 'Interests' in a conflict. At least not yet.


Lanny said...

Wow, I think there is something wrong when a post of someone's trials and tribulations makes me smile, I must be sick!

Dirt teaches "human factors" as one of his first segments to his new students, part of that lecture incorporates marriage stuff, not sure how he manages to tie it into keeping an airplane in the sky, but he does. His students have a wide age range. One of his married students took home his advice and actually applied it (he didn't tell his wife about it but just used the knowledge Dirt gave him) The next day he came in beaming and told Mr. Vick (Dirt) that it work, really well, for his wife, and him!

JunieRose2005 said...


I'm sorry you all are having such a winter!


EV said...

"A wise man speaks little."

Jim said...

Cliff, I am happy for you that you have such an understanding wife. SOME PEOPLE would hear about going off and leaving her (wife) for the next 20 years! [It was, in retrospect, a bad thing to do, wasn't it?]

Seems this keeps on happening up there in the winters. In between storms now, why don't the two of you, bring Julie if that will work out for her, sneak off down here? Our guest room is large and comfy. We have tee times all days of the week! We could sight see too.

Stay warm,

Jim said...

Meant to tell you that Spring is coming SOON! This afternoon we saw a string of geese headed north. They had gathered half the population of Nebraska in one Vee. It must have been a quarter of a mile long.

Gette said...

Much the same weather and road conditions up here, but no power out so far.

Rachel said...

Sorry you have all that nasty weather Cliff. It just doesn't sound like one bit of fun to me.

I think silence might be a good choice until things clear up some! :)

Granny Annie said...

"The best laid plans....." Just when I start getting all pouty about our horrible winter, you have to pop up with some genuine complaints. I appreciated your understanding about our WildBlue and want to let you know they got us fixed today WITHOUT our having the pay the stupid $49.

nora said...

You and Marilyn are welcome to winter in Indiana. We still have power and our soil is not as rich as your so the mud spatter is not nearly as thick!
Oh, and we have the AFC football championship team!

Jerry in Indiana said...

Boy Cliff,
Maybe you'll get some words in on your upcoming big birthday. Lotsa luck to you!

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ It's about 72 degress and sunny here at my place. Of course if I walk outside... things could change! ~ jb///

Peter said...

Hi Cliff, while you complain??? about your winter weather and its trials and tribulations we are sweltering with temperatures approaching 100 degrees F and I'm complaining??? about that, seems we are never happy doesn't it?

Paul Nichols said...

I took both our vehicles for a trip through the car wash yesterday. Boy were they filthy! Got 'em washed just in time for this next nasty snow storm, scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Friday). Smart thinkin', eh?