Monday, January 04, 2010

They Can't Scare Me

The local radio stations are trying to unnerve those of us living in Nebraska. But I'm not blinking. This morning as I drove Marilyn all over eastern Burt County helping her to pick up dogs to be groomed, the radio kept warning of impending wind chills nearing 30 degrees below zero with the upcoming wind and cold. I wasn't shaken because the temperature read-out on our van stayed right at a -27 everytime we ventured away from the towns and out into the bottom grounds east of US Highway 75.
By my calculations you won't need much wind added to 27 below temps to make it 'feel like' it was 30 below.
I'm sure glad I didn't move south for the winter. I could have missed out on this.


Dan said...

If the radio stations started selling coats, gloves, and hats, then they could really cash in on their warnings. They could call it "Man-Made Regional Cooling."

Jerry in Indiana said...

Does the snow sound crunchy when you drive over it? Stay warm.

Just one more week until I go back down to Texas for a few weeks.

Granny Annie said...

You make me feel badly about complaining. We have more cold and snow than usual but we're not as bad off as you guys. Still I whine. Stay safe and warm.

EV said...

The low in Dallas Thursday is supposed to be 15. No crunchy snow though.

The funniest post I've read to date was yours. The one when Marilyn felt sorry for the freezing birds and sowed all the seed down the road.

Rachel said... now you make it sound warm here, but it's cold!!

Those temps would scare me....BAD!!

Keep warm Cliff!!

Shannon said...

Oh my! That makes the 6 degrees that we had in West Virginia sound like a heat wave!

Ralph said...

It's now Tuesday and I just checked on your weather. It said it is -21 this morning, yesterday at this time it was -27. I hope they are not saying things are warming up.

Jim said...

Cliff, the worst appears to be over for you. You thermometer says +12 this morning so it is warming up.
You can shut off that stuff coming South if you want. Like Rachel, here around Houston we are going to have two nights and a whole day of cold starting tomorrow night.
Not negative numbers though, maybe down into the teens for a bit.

Peter said...

Who the hell can tell the difference between -27 and -30??????????????

marty morrow said...

I agree with EV. The bird seed story is the best blog entry.... ever.

Janell said...

I hope you and Marilyn aren't out on the roads today! Stay safe!

Lanny said...


nora said...

It was 40 in Indianapolis this morning. It felt so warm I took at the trash and drove to work without a coat.