Thursday, January 07, 2010

Out For A Drive

We went for a drive the other morning. Marilyn took the Canon along and snapped a few shots.  The temperature was a minus twenty two degrees and it was foggy, mostly because of the still open Missouri river just a short distance away. The fog and temps account for the frost on the lone pine tree along the road to town.  The neighbors grain bin is backlit by the sun. 

The shot above is taken on our lane looking south toward home.  This last one is a pic of our main road toward town.


Jim said...

Those are pretty pictures, Cliff. You'd better watch it, Marilyn will be using that new camera more than you.
I don't encourage Mrs. Jim to use my new toys.

I don't blame you for not pulling for Alabama. I don't either. I answered your comment in my comments as I feel pretty strongly about this.
Here is what I put:
"For the first time in my life I'll be rooting for Texas tonight (too).
I never root for Alabama, well not since Bear Bryant once told our coach he wouldn't play Nebraska because he had nothing to gain!!!

... [Other comment part not related] ...

In fact I root against Alabama. Not that I hold a grudge, I'm just sayin'."

Hold on to your principles, Cliff!

Cliff said...

Jim, I thought I was the only one who remembered the things ol Bear used to say. He kind of made for lifetime Bama detractors, didn't he.

Granny Annie said...

Those are GREAT pictures. Your place makes our place look like we're having a heat wave!

Ralph said...

Those are nice pictures and again, thanks for sending those cold temperatures our way. Fortunately, we didn't get nearly as cold as did and certainly didn't have the wind. Don't get wrong I am NOT complaining.

Jerry in Indiana said...

That's pretty much my view today too. You just got the weather first. Wind is still blowing hard.

How many days till Spring?

Rachel said...

To answer Jerry's question; only 71 more days until spring!

The photos are great. I can (or can't) imagine how cold it is with that wind whipping along all that flat land. We are getting wind tonight and it's so cold out there. The wind chill is -2. Warm compared to what you have, but I think tonight, with the wind, will be our coldest so far.

Keep warm Cliff!

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

One(of many) things I love about the Farm, is that it is just a GREAT place to be rain, sun or -27 below.

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~

WOW! Those pictures sure make me glad I live way South of you! It's bright and SUNNY here!


~ jb///

Paul Nichols said...

Well, it's only 5 degrees here right now (Fri, 7:00 p.m.). It's pretty cold here, but I'll let you be the winner of the 'coldest' contest. Sunday it's supposed to get real warm up around 20 degrees.

Some nice pictures, by the way. I've been thinking of wandering around to take some pics, but it's too cold outside.

Don't know much (or care) about Bear Bryant. I got a feeling that Alabama didn't play against Texas' best last night. But I was impressed with that sub QB. He's gonna go someplace one of these days if he keeps up that kind of maturity and self-confidence. Not bad for an 18 year-old under the brightest spotlight of the year. I kept thinking that his folks musta been real proud of him.

EV said...

Great wintry shots. Marilyn has a good eye. I suppose the other ones good, too - I'm just sayin'

Oh! And 12 degrees in Dallas tomorrow morning.

Janell said...

It sure is pretty, even if it is a royal pain.

nora said...

Great photos! I hope you guys are staying warm!

JUST A MOM said...