Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bike Show

Yesterday was pretty interesting. We went to a motorcycle show in Lincoln Nebraska.  It was huge. I never realized the interest there is in this sort of thing. The main reason for us attending was to see our sons entry into the restored bikes section of the show with his 1947 Indian.  This first pic is a pic of a picture. It shows him sitting on the bike circa 2002 when he first began working on it in his spare time.

The next pic was taken yesterday at the show. Same bike. Same kid. 
This is the one who did my Allis D-14 along with my other son.
The above red bike is also a 47 Indian and was also painted by him. It belongs to a friend. Most of the bikes in that 'Old Indians' display were infact painted by him. The ones sitting behind the red bike.
The red side-car that you can't see very well is the same one featured below holding two of my grandchildren. The family photo is missing the youngest. Georgia was sleeping like a...well a baby. I think mostly because she is. We stopped at our other sons place to see if Hudson (green shirt) could come out and play with Grandma and Grandpa. We took him back home sporting a leather vest and a tie dyed head scarf. They agreed to let him go with us again, anyway.


Rachel said...

That looks like a fun show to go to Cliff. I like those old motorcycles! Dan and Tom sure do a good job.

I see on your weather thingie that it's 18 degrees there right now. BRRRR... It's 54 here. I like ours better!!

Jim said...

Looks pretty, Cliff. Do you ride them any? I still have my motorcycle license endorsement. His work is so good looking, I wish I could afford him to redo my old 1950 Ford.

I didn't know Mrs. Hurlocker. Was your school the little red school at the bottom of the first hill off your road to Herman? I think my cousin, Wayne Loftis, went there when he was young.

I hope you are enjoying your new Internet provider. I re-upped for two more years at a promotional rate, $14.95 a month for DSL.

LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ WOW some very cool bikes here on this post. I love the pictures of the kids and the grandkids! The Indian reminds my of the "World's Fastest Indian" movie (which I loved)! I hope you can see some ground (sans snow) around the farm there? It doesn't yet look like spring way down here yet! I hope all is well? ~ jb///

Lee said...

Boy's toys can also be girl's toys...that looks like it was a lot of fun. The bikes look great.

I was reminded of the movie "World's Fastest Indian", too when reading your post, Cliff.

Ralph said...

Nice bike and excellent work by Dan and Tom. I guess I didn't realize either of the boys had any 'spare time'.

EV said...

Whoa!! You Morrow's do great work - and have some serious toys. I'll bet that show was awesome.

Marc said...

Nice looking Indian. I rebuilt one in my youth. I think it was a WW II army surplus one. Some OD in hidden places. It was my first...and last Bike. Dang near killed myself.

Lanny said...

Those are beautiful bikes. And a nice looking family. Glad to hear that the mom and dad didn't hold the tie dye against you.

Peter said...

A great promotional tool for Morrows Collision Center, they must really love what they do.

Shannon said...

Looks like y'all had allot of fun! I also loved the World's Fastest Indian movie. Indian motorcycles are a dream!

Jamie Dawn said...

What fun! The restored bike is wonderful, and I live the turquoise color.
Great to see pics of the family!!!
I changed your email address as requested, so I am up to date.

Cheyenne said...

Love this post.

Janell said...

So THAT'S what an Indian motorcycle looks like. I read about one in a book somewhere. Nice pics.
I'll bet Hudson looked very handsome in his vest and scarf.

WOR said...

Come to CO--I just learned we have a motorcycle museum.

JunieRose2005 said...

Hi Cliff,

Oh my!! You KNOW Charles liked seeing these motorcycles! Your sons are very talented with their work!

Also we liked seeing the other pics you sent in the email-and I saved your new email address too!

Charles wishes you guys didn't live so far away from us-as he has a 1952 pick-up that needs restoring!! :)

Take care-all of you-in this cold-cold winter!!


nora said...

My Grandmother Nora and Grandpa Paul courted on an Indian with a sidecar. Dad and I went to the Indian Motorcycle Museum in Springfield, MA. I need to dig out photos, I think there is a blog post in there.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your son does wonderful work. Very pretty bikes. I love bike shows but I think I've only been to two.