Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wild Blue Satellite Internet and Great Plains Communications

I have today officially fired Wild Blue and Great Plains Communications of Blair Nebraska.
I lost my internet signal on January 30. That day the service ticket was sent from WB to Great Plains.
Today is February 19th and I finally got a call from Johnson Communications who ultimately got the ticket. They are probably the ones to blame but there is enough blame to go around. They wanted to come out tomorrow to fix my dish or my modem.
I asked the lady if she didn't think 3 weeks was too long of a  time to go without service expecially when the internet is such a integral part of doing business.  We have two business' and my job as a county supervisor to think about. We file all of our tax forms to the state online.
I told Johnson Communications not to bother coming out because I had already cancelled my service and promised to do all within my power to warn everyone about the troubles with all three companies.
I will just say that if you do business with Wild Blue, or Great Plains Commuications of Blair Nebraska, or Johnson Communications of Iowa, you like me, are a fool.


leeann said...

Wild Blue is just as bad in central Louisiana. My brother in law fought with them for months about poor service, ignored calls, etc until he gave them the boot.
Glad you got it settled. :)

Granny Annie said...

Someday I will also have an alternative. You have given me hope.