Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Crabby Cliffs Krabby Dip

I’ve had an idea for a dip for a couple of months now. I’m sure there must be one just like it somewhere but as for this one, I made it up and put it together for the Super Bowl get together that we had. It seemed to disappear quickly even though it really was a pretty large amount of dip.
Keep in mind that for a recipe to appeal to me you have to be able to dump an entire package or container or can, in at once or at least leave the measurements up to my judgment. So here it is.

16 oz carton of Sour Cream

12 oz package of Imitation Crab Meat (shredded with a knife or cut with a pastry cutter) (Or you could try stomping on it.)

8 oz pkg Cream Cheese (softened)

About 6 oz of a bottle of Cocktail Sauce. Or more. Or less.

Mix it all together and season to taste. I used garlic salt, onion powder, and white pepper. . Then chill.

TIP: Reserve 2 bites of the crab meat and 2 tablespoons of the sauce. Before mixing, dip the meat into the sauce and eat both pieces. Tell folks that this was to check the integrity of both the sauce and the meat. You can’t be too careful when it comes to the health of your family and friends. Then try the dip on a number of different crackers and chips and veggies. If there is any dip left, serve to your company.

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, retype it and print.

I'm going shopping till Friday nite.  Well, isn't that what you'd call a supervisors workshop?
See ya.


Janell said...

HEY! you stole my recipe - except I use a 5 oz can of salmon.

Sorry to hear of your troubles with Wildblue. Good luck getting it resolved.

Ralph said...

That does sound good. You right making sure the meat and sauce is compatible. I think my printer friendly version will be a phone which starts,” So, how did you make that crab dip?”
Good luck shopping

Jim said...

Well, Cliff, I do hope that new company has better service IF YOU NEED IT but really I hope it runs so good, just like Maytag.

I like your recipe and think I might try it.

Do you think it could use a little lemon juice. Some would squeeze their own, I would squeeze that little plastic yellow bottle for mine.

And for mine, since my arteries have been plugged a few times in the last few years, I would use NO FAT Sour Cream and NO FAT Cream Cheese.
The two or three or four reserve bites bit sounds really good too.

You can try this on us for the Valentines dig. Thanks for that!

Jim said...

Was going to say but my comment got too long, that Ralph has been gone the same amount of time you have.
I thought for sure you two families were roughing it on some Caribbean island. :)

Lee said...

Now I'm hungry!!

EV said...

You should try my Swiss cheese and guacamole dip.

I call it "Holy Moly"!

nora said...

I wholly endorse any recipe that includes the term: you could try stomping on it.

When customers at the Red Key ask me to cook their burger extra crispy I tell them that I'll step on it really hard before I throw it on the grill.

I'm going to steal your printer friendly version too!

Marc said...

Hi Cliff,

You even have an old friend of mine, Lee, commenting from Aussie land. She is one good cook, I hear tell.

Hope you folks are weathering the weather OK. We are just cold, damp, and soggy here. And gray.

The Ferrel Pigs have gone crazy here. They destroyed my neighbor's yard and pasture. They plowed up a lot here too. I would love to shoot a couple to provide a little ham and chops, but they keep way too late hours for me.

Jerry in Indiana said...

Yum. Sounds good, Cliff!

Shannon said...

Been watching a little Spongebob eh?
Sounds delish!

Lucy Stern said...

Cliff, sounds like it is worth giving it a try.... Yummmmm...