Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Battle of Cliff Run!

Dateline, Tekamah
In what some are calling a battle to the death and others a show of cowardice, Cowboy Cliff and his band of cowboys were virtually wiped out by Grandson Chief Colton, leader of the eastern Nebraska tribe.
It was a warm, but humid morning, a day like many others, here in the path of the ancient explorers, Lewis and Clark. The cowboys were innocently watching TV when the waring Chief C said those words every cowboy dreads. "Hey Grandpa, wanna play cowboys and indians"? "Okay".
Historians will record that the word 'OKAY' was the turning point of the battle.
The cowboys were in fact, armed with only guns, and what Chief Colton would allow them to have,,, A John Deere tractor and baler.
The savvy Chief retained control of the U.S Army tank and the wrecker.
The battle raged for minutes and when all of the cowboys had been assaulted and had succumbed to the hand to hand combat of the Chief, their plight seemed hopeless. Then there was what seemed to be 'A Miracle'. In the sky was a streak , a real life Heroine to save the day! Grandpa had summoned WONDER WOMAN. She was on target, flying at a speed faster than Grandma drives, when she was stopped with the powerful hand of Chief Colton who brought the battle to a close with the words,,,"she didn't come with the set Grandpa".
The cowboys then summoned a miraculous storm that blew over some of the indians. But the indians were set back up immediately with a stern warning from the Chief,,, "And no 'funderstorms' Grandpa!
All of the wranglers lost their lives in the above clash. Not one Indian was injured, and they never even had to use the tank or the wrecker.
Cowboy Cliff survived and promised to round up some more cowboys to fight again. Chief Colton, showing the kind of class we've all grown to love, showed no ill feelings toward the cowboys when he said, "Wanna play some Lego's now"?


Jamie Dawn said...

That looks serious.
The red guys on the right are in a world of hurt.
Such violence at the Morrow's!

Cliff Morrow said...

To explain to the rest of you...jamie dawn left this when only the picture was up. No Words.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

LOL...jamie was to scared to show up for the word..heeehee

Oh what fun..I cant wait to play with my grnakids...

You sound like my grandpa..You rock Cliff:)

Jerry said...

Looks like I was lucky to get out of there with my scalp intact. Didn't know I was in such dangerous surroundings. Cowboy Cliff lives to fight another day!

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Good one. Cowboys with a John Deere tractor and baler. I'm just quessing they didn't come with the set either.

JUST A MOM said...

What happened to age knowing there is a back pocket,you always come with extras!

Jamie Dawn said...

Grandpa Cliff, the funderstorm was indeed an unfair way of cheating. Chief Colton pointed that out fearlessly. And Wonder Woman? I just don't know how the Chief can take these unfair tactics of yours.
"Wonder Woman didn't come with the set!!!"
Even I knew that!
I have a feeling that Chief Colton always wins.
As it should be.

Rhodent said...

Great post grandpa! Little kids are an unending source of delightful amusement and play! You are a lucky man!

Paul said...

My kinda war,
Right there on the living room floor.
Can I come over and play,

Great post, Cliff. Great post.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Well, Thank heavens for Wonder Woman. Leave it to a gal to save things.


Tony Myles said...

Ha! This is awesome!