Monday, September 12, 2005

Jill! Show Him Your Pa.

About 10 years ago, I was asked to take a bus load of kids to Oakland to play basketball. Oakland is 14 miles west of Tekamah. It was a Jr High basketball game.
As the kids were loading, the coach said "Dean said you'd be able to handle the team and the 8th grade cheerleaders by yourself, the other coach will be there when you get there". Dean was the Superintendant and has been a friend of mine since he moved here in the early 70's. I thought that sounded okay. I never did have any discipline problems as a bus driver, and didn't expect any then.
I had to drive the fully loaded 48 passenger bus, west, into the setting sun. The highway was very narrow at that time. I had noticed a truck behind me all the way to Oakland. I was so carefully concentrating on not letting a tire slip off the edge of the pavement, and trying constantly to not be blinded by the sun, that I didn't really notice anything abnormal happening behind me in the bus, and the few times I looked in the big rear view mirror, things were fine.
I heard some comments from the boys like, "Do you think he saw it, Jill"? (Jill is not her real name) or "Jill, show him your pa". What the heck are they holding up back there. It must have something to do with the truck driver. But I've got about 48 Million Dollars worth of school kids on this bus, I thought, and musn't break my concentration. "Jill, show him your pa again". Several times over "Jill, show him your pa again".
Well I finally made it. The ball team was met by the coach, who escorted them into the building. The cheerleaders also went single file into the gym. I sat there a few minutes, reflecting over the battle I had just won with the sun as well as to let the diesel cool a bit. Then I thought I may as well watch these 7th and 8th grade boys play basketball. I went to the far end of the gym, away from the cheerleaders and the grandparents. Sat there thru 3 quarters. At the 3rd period break, the cheerleaders spread across the gym for the 'Two Bits, Four Bits, Six Bits... yell. Jill was in front of me and as she twirled and swung her cute little figure in a circle,, "All for Tekamah stand up and Holler". Her flippy little dress flipped up in back to reveal her shiny gold, cheerleader issue, undies, with the symbol of the Fighting Tigers embroidered on her rear. A Tigers PAW! Jill, show him your Paw!
It's truly amazing how just a little more information can make your mind race back over the events of the day. I had wondered, right up until that moment, why that truck driver didn't just pass us. I was only going 50. The cheerleaders rode home with their parents. Good idea.


Jerry said...

Scary to think what some girls might be showing off the back of the bus these days. Probably more than a paw; maybe a set of paws.
Great story, Cliff!

BTW, We started cutting soybeans today.

Anonymous said...

IT's not just nowadays. THat reminded me of shocking stuff that happened on a bus when I was in jr high. (at least 10 yrs ago ;)...
The boys who were touching some girls inapppriately sang so loudly to overpower the shouts from the rest of us, that the bus driver had no idea for far too long.

I was stuck too far from the driver for my shouts to be heard. I usually did not sit in the back of the bus. (Not where "good girls sat" but we were all ordered then TO SIT not stand, and that was the only seat.

I DID tell those HUGE bullies to stop even though I was scared I'd be attacked next. They didn't care.... Finally, a group of others got them to stop, but not soon enough.

For a different reason, one of my old nicknames is "Tiger". NOthing to do with Paws emblazoned on panties nor (public) cheerleading.
The outfits at my daughter's high school are so skimpy compared to what I wore for dance in high school... the ones now even shock her!!

GEL (Blogger doesn't want to let me ID myself)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh that is wonderful..reminds me of my youth..I did a simalr thing going to a volleball game on time..arent kids the dumbest creatures on the planet..or maybe it eas just me..and maybe its just my kids:)

JUST A MOM said...

UUUMMMM I am checking my 2 cheerleaders butts! Thanks Cliff.

Jamie Dawn said...

Let's hope that Jill didn't continue along that path and learned to keep her tush covered.
I think Jill was in desperate need of attention.
I'm sure the truck driver enjoyed the view.