Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nora and Jerry Have Left the Building.

Assumptions should be avoided. I knew that. But Nora and Jerry can't play basketball even if they are from Indiana. They were here this past weekend and what a nice way for Marilyn and I to spend a few days. Nora flew into Kansas City, and was picked up by Jerry. (This was planned, it was not a chance meeting in an airport.) They've known each other since grade school. They got here in time to eat dinner with us Saturday night. We had invited my Brother and his Wife so they would have someone really interesting to talk to, and my Mother-Inlaw so they would know why I never get too comfortable.

They were made to suffer thru me singing a solo in church. (I'm not a soloist.) They met my son Dan and his family who came to hear me sing and add more pressure to Dad while he sang. They did get to hear Marilyn play in the bell choir and now know why I had told them she was getting a little dingy. (Nora thought I meant she was getting a small boat.) Our Daughter Juli was at the keyboards and they got to hear her play.
They were able to get a church bulletin to prove to the folks back home that they had indeed been to church.

We loaded up after church and went to Mahoney State Park for their all day Sunday buffet. The restaurant overlooks the Platte River valley and I-80. That's where this pic was taken. This is Nora -Cliff-Jerry. The look on Jerry's face is because he has just realized that folks might think he was with the Morrow group. Nora didn't care. She said "They'll never remember me at this restaurant anyway.
Dan's and Juli's were along and our youngest son Tom and his wife met us there and we all had a good visit.
We had many discussions about all of you bloggers and the consensus was generally good. We talked about how reading someones blog really teaches you their personality before you meet them. They really aren't strangers. Jerry and I had met but Nora was exactly as I imagined. A very clever, talented person. She writes for two different weekly papers. (they are the bottom two links on her blog) Her main job is running Second Helpings.

They prepare and distrbute 2900 meals a day for distribution to the needy in the Indy area. The food is 'rescued' daily from cooperating stores and food industry companies. She deals with a lot of volunteers, business's, and contributors and seems unflappable.

The second picture is a "View From The Porch." The dejected appearance was because I had just told them to leave. They both needed to be back to work on Tuesday morning and I thought they were avoiding the reality. Today Jerry is back to helping care for Mom and Dad and crunching numbers for Big GasCo and Nora is probably back to making all of her jobs look easy. I'm hoping they had as good a time as we did and that they return someday.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well, I am jelous...Looks like u had a great time..

I wanna come visit now:)

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Cliff Morrow said...

Well get to gettin' Bossy. I'll bake a cake.
Ralph, We darned near loaded up and came out but we thought the extra 1000 miles might mess up the plans.

Rachel said...

I'm jealous too. Yeah, I know the cake is baking for me as well, but you know I'm pretty tied down here. If I wasn't I would have already been out there!! I'd help Marilyn groom those animals and I'd help you on the farm! Heck, I bet I can drive a tractor as good as Ralph and run over less things!! (He's already commented so he probably won't read this! teehee) Maybe someday!!

Glad you all had a great time! They do look dejected as they are leaving, but I like those boots she's carrying!!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

What a delightful rendezvous! I'll just bet it was a blast. Those "Tuesdays" do have a way of rolling around, though. BUT .... the memories last forever! :)

Jerry said...

The pleasure was all ours. We had a great time, and continued laughing about it all the way back to Indiana.

I do need to work on my camera pose. I look like I'm constipated.

nora said...

Thank you so much Cliff and Marilyn!

I have not laughed so much in a long time.
Everyone at work is commenting how relaxed I am today (maybe I should have changed out of my p.j.'s).

Rachel, those boots are fun. I’ve got some great stories about them.
And in case anyone is wondering, Jerry is carrying my bag. That is not his pink sweater.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm so glad you all had a wonderful time!! :) :) :)

I'm sure they enjoyed the singing, bell ringing, and tinkling of the ivories whilst in the Lord's House.
Amen and Amen.

Nora sounds like a wonderful person. I applaud her for the work she does. (clap, clap, clap!)
I already know Jerry's a good guy. His parents are lucky to have him!

Thanx for sharing photos.

I hope if I ever get the chance to visit that you won't order me to leave and hurt my feelings like you did Jerry and Nora's. I'll make sure I don't overstay my welcome. I'll leave just as soon as the cake's gone.

Lee said...

It sounds like a good time was enjoyed by all, Cliff. :)

Peter said...

No fair Cliff, I came along all prepared to carry on our fuedin' banter and you write such a nice post 'n make me feel guilty!

Gette said...

All we have at our state park is goose poop. I'm jealous.
We (hopefully) have a graduation to attend in Omaha next month. Maybe we'll have to stop for coffee.

1 plus twins said...

wow how wonderful to meet up with other bloggers. sounds like you had fun and i wish i could have heard you sing. the boys want to hear you sing old mcdonald!! lol

Jim said...

I too am glad you all had a nice visit. Thanks for the Mahoney report too, we never got there at buffet time.
Did Jerry dare show Dan the 'repair' of the side of his car? Jerry doesn't know how to drive very good in the Oklahoma ice and crunched the side of his car in terribly.
I don't know he brand of the grinder, 'Whetmore' doesn't ring a bell. I may think of it.

Miki said...

glad that you all had fun! Sounds like there are two more to add to the visitors at the Morrow farm. Are you going to put up a wall of fame? It would be interesting...and a great idea when you redecorate!

Raggedy said...

Fantastic post!
I think it is wonderful when bloggers I know get together.
It sounds like you had a fabulous visit!
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

John Goerzen said...


Neat to see all the visitors that you have, and to remember our trip up to Tekamah last year.

I wonder how long it will be before the road signs in the area start listing the mileage to Cliff's place.

Paul said...

Friends are friends are friends are friends, aren't they?

Nice post, Cliff.

JUST A MOM said...

Hey I want a job like Jerry's..