Monday, July 02, 2007


We've been planning the menu for the nearly 30 relatives coming for a visit on July 4th. Marilyn asked me today, "What do you think would go best with Homemade Cherry Nut ice cream?"
"A large bowl and a spoon," was my reply.
It must have been some kind of trick question because it turns out she didn't really want to know my answer. I always get that look.
Just see if I give her any of my candy from the parade. Yeah don't worry about me, I may not be fast enough to beat any of the little kids to the candy but I can still take it away from the Grandkids. For a few years anyway.


Flip Flop Goddess said...

u forgot chocolate syrup...that goes good with any ice cream..

but homeade cherry nut sounds great..i mean really good.

Jim said...

I would tell her to put it on a chocolate almond brownie then with some whip cream and a maraschino cherry atop.
I like a serving too, please.

Peter said...

Hey Cliff, I could loan you a couple of grandkids that I would bet BIG money on you not gettin' candy from.
They are also born and bred farmers so could come in handy... but we want 'em back!!!!

Cliff said...

Hey Peter, send them over, we're hauling a lot of irrigation pipe. That job goes best with 'youth,' And I'll let them keep the candy.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Good answer. We are really going to miss the parade this year. Hope all of you have a great time.

JunieRose2005 said...

I agree-all you really need for that ice cream is a big bowl and a big spoon!


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

It sounds like you've got a fun filled 4th planned. The cherry nut ice cream sounds delicious. Speaking of cherries, are you in the mood for a culinary experiment? I received this cookout recipe suggestion yesterday. I'm giving it a try - it sounds good!

"A tart cherry pie may be an Independence Day cookout favorite, but save a few of those sour red beauties for your burgers, too.
It may sound strange, but adding chopped tart cherries to your ground-meat mixture will make the hamburgers healthier and tastier."

Gette said...

Parades and Halloween: iPastor swears we had kids specifically to collect candy on these occasions for him.

Lee said...

Enjoy your July 4th celebrations, Cliff...and make sure you're fleet of foot when grabbing that candy! ;)

Rachel said...

Have a wonderful 4th Cliff and try not to eat too much candy!!

A parade sounds like fun and family getting together too. I'm sure you'll share some great pictures!

I'm sure Marilyn is well used to your comments by now, just as you are well aware of the looks she gives you!!

1 plus twins said...

that is one thing i will miss not being in ohio this year for the 4th is the parade adn all the candy. i loved it. it is too hot here to have a parade, they are even canceling some of the fireworks around here cuz of the heat and fire possiblities!!! the ice cream sounds wonderful!! hope you have a great 4th!!

nora said...

Happy Independence Day.
I'll be thinking about you and your lovely family today.
I'm sure the house will be full of laughter and good "craic"
I'll grab a parade Tootsie Roll for you.

Paul said...

Happy 4tha July. I hope you enjoy bowl after bowl of Cherry Nut ice cream.

Britmum said...

Happy 4th of July Mister Man!!!

Hmmmmm I blog you read, you blog I read. Remember???

Have fun..

Hugs xx

Miki said...

Candy????? Did you say Candy? We don't get candy here in Patchogue! Well, a few of the marchers pass out bracelets and necklaces, but CANDY?! That would be cool! My mother in law said that her brother's town, in Ohio, does the candy and the necklaces and it is like a mardi gras parade, without the risque end of it or top on it! Whichever you choose! I wish it were like that here, our parade was basically queit, with a few floats, the AMVETS, the AMERICAN LEGION, the VFW, a MILITIA band and two of the fire depts. THe LIONS' club sponsored it, so there were a bunch of LIONS and the Ladies of the LIONS, the Knights of Columbus and the Columbettes, those type of things, but NO CANDY! Enjoy a piece of that candy for me CLiff!

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope your July 4th was a BLAST!
I'm sure it was a great day.

You know that look you say Marilyn gave you.
You deserved it, wise guy.

Jim said...

Well Cliff, we are due a report from you on what you all decided would go best with that Homemade Cherry Nut ice cream.