Saturday, July 28, 2007

We're Back!

A vicious rumor circulated thru the crowd at the wedding. There reportedly wasn't going to be any cake at the reception.
It was the cause of much consternation.

Speculation was brought to an end when the rumor was found to be untrue. It caused one wedding patron to shout... "Hey guys, there's going to be two kinds of cake and one is going to be my favorite, CHOCOLATE!!"

Having been granted traveling mercies we have returned to the farm. We attended a family reunion in Albuquerque and the wedding of Ralph and Chars daughter in Denver.
The same phenomenon recurred at the reunion as last time. Everyone appears to have aged a bit since two years ago, except Marilyn and I. We played some golf courses that were clearly over my head, ate salsa at every meal and told and retold family stories. A delightful time and a good reason to get together.
The wedding was delightful. We got to repay the Campbells for some of the help they've been to us over the years. We did some cooking, entertaining, and generally had a great time. The wedding was a lovely garden affair and the reception was in a hall next to the garden. All was nicely done and nothing was overblown. I'll leave most of the wedding news to Ralph. If he's too stingy with the pics...I'll have to get involved.
I'm looking forward to the next time we can get together with the Campbells.
The promised date for Blogstock '08 will have to wait a bit. Ralph is thinking the 4Th of July and I'm not sure. We just didn't have time to visit about that.
We had 1.25" of rain the night after we left and another 1.30" of rain the night we got home. If this rain keeps up I'll never get done irrigating.
I have often warned my kids to be careful not to pay too much for gas when pulling off of the Interstate in a remote area. On the way home Thursday we got off of the interstate at Cozad, NE. The BP station had $3.02 on their sign for 10% ethanol. Thinking this to be in line with what I had seen in Denver, we pulled in. The cheapest grade at the pump was $3.59!! I was mad and cancelled the transaction. We went 2 blocks further to the only other station at that interchange and paid $3.08. I had often seen the 50 cent range between stations before, but running a deceptive sign was stooping to a new low.
The weeds have responded to the recent rains quite well. If anyone is looking for me I'll be running my 8 horse, two wheeled string trimmer. Probably out around the grain bins. I'll stop by your blog soon. Come visit, we'll bake a cake.


LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ Glad to see you back again! Somehow I just knew that you and Marilyn would be the ONLY ones there that had not aged even a day in two years. It must be that GOOD LIVING? ~ jb///
P.S. What! "NO CORN?"

Rachel said...

Welcome home Cliff!! Blogland has missed you.

Love the pictures!! Your granddaughter really had a good laugh there!! Love the matching polka dot outfits!

Of course you are the only two who still look the same!

I'll go check Ralph's blog for wedding pics.

Oh, next Saturday, if things work out, I'll get to meet Jamie D. Whoohooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Cliff said...

Rachel, if you get a chance to dine with her, remember, slather the mayo on her sandwich. She loves the stuff.

Cheyenne said...

I love those two pictures. And the captions are funny too. Glad you all had a good time, now I must wander over to Ralph's.

Jim said...

Welcome back, Cliff. You had a nice vacation with the wedding in Colorado and the reunion in New Mexico.
And yes, it is time for you to get back to work on that eight horse machine tidying up the place.

Ralph is STILL silent, what did you all do to him anyway?
Please tell us now, the key to not aging. Anyway, did you vote on that or how was it decided?

Jerry said...

It was kinda dull around here without you. Glad you're back, Buddy!

Peter said...

Hi Cliff, welcome back to reality (weeds etc.) hey if I'm gonna travel all the way to the US of A for Blogstock its gotta coincide with some Fall colors somewhere, work on it.

nora said...

Woo Hoo...I'll leave a more sensible comment later. I'm just damn happy to see that you're back -- to blogland and to rain on the farm.
I'm sure that whacking weeds is better than irrigating.
I'm going to the NASCAR race tomorrow. Think about me while you're in church, maybe say extra prayer for me.

Flip Flop Goddess said...

Glad u made it back..

I am still waiting to go back..I miss home..

Paul said...

Nice to see you're back, Cliff. After all that cake and salsa, thank you for not letting us see your front.

Love them good times. Thanks for sharing.

JunieRose2005 said...

Welcome back Cliff!

I'm here...sooo...where's that promised cake!!

Those little girls are adorable!!
(wish I still had some little ones!)

LOL- and -good advice to Rachel about JD's sandwich! :)


Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Glad you made it home alright. Sorry about the weeds. Our thanks to you and Marilyn for all the help - we really appreciate it.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I, too, am glad you returned home safely. Your Interstate fuel story reminds me of a story I tell frequently these days. Steaming mad, I once pulled out of a gas station bellowing, "I will NEVER pay 76 cents a gallon for gas!!"


Cliff, you remembered JD likes her sandwiches w/ extra mayo and no meat .... you've got a mind like a steel trap. I just hope Rachel remembers!

Lee said...

I hope that cake is out of the oven, Cliff! I'm coming around the bend (or should that be I've gone around the bend?)

Delightful pics...:)

Jamie Dawn said...

It's so great to read something here again!
I am at my parents' house in CA. I was at my brother's house since last Monday, and his internet service was messed up. I was able to get online for a whopping 30 minutes and that was it. A week without internet was hard and I started getting the shakes. All is well now that I've had my fix.

I'm enjoying time with my parents and brother. We laugh a lot and we eat a lot.

Your youngest grandbaby is growing like a weed! Those are great pics!

I'm glad you enjoyed time at the family reunion and time with Ralph and Char during such a wonderful occasion.

I'll check back by when I get a chance.

For some reason, I'm craving chocolate cake.

Lee said...

I meant to say...great pics...I particularly love the expressions on the face of the littlest one! lol

1 plus twins said...

what adorable pictures!!! glad you had a good time at the wedding and reunion. have fun getting rid of the weeds, we came home from vaca and i swear our grass and weeds and some stuff i never saw before was 2 ft tall so we will be stuck out in our yard too.

JUST A MOM said...

So sweet,, I so like coming by and reading your adventures with friends.... looks like your doin fine.

Rachel said...

I just had to come back and see the two totally different looks on your granddaughter's face!! Priceless!!