Sunday, December 02, 2007

Express Yourself

I love this picture of Grandaughter #3. She loves to make faces. A caption anyone?
ONE MORE THING: Unless someone finds the battery charger to my Canon Rebel, this might be the end of pictures on my blog. I'm down to about 5000 I haven't posted yet. Any ideas where it's at? And yes I've looked in the fridge. (btw that smell was a pork cutlet hiding under the cheese in the meat drawer.)


Janell said...

We came up with a few;
Jack said, "The Baby: Artlist Collection." (This is from a line of merchandise at the store that features playing cards, greeting cards, etc. of cats, dogs, etc with unusually large eyes.)

Emily's contribution: "Get that camera outta my face!!"

My idea: "How far away did you say the bathroom is?"

PS - she is really a cutie!

Rhodent said...

They're serving brussels sprouts?!?

Peter said...

"I can still smell that pork cutlet Grandpa"

Anonymous said...


You sure do have an abundance of BEAUTIFUL granddaughters!!! I'll leave the caption suggestions to the others, and tell you ahead of time that the battery charger will be in the LAST place you look!! tee hee!!!

1 plus twins said...

she is too cute. i love some of the cations others have left. as for the battery charger all i can say is when you do find you will be kicking yourself that you didn't remember and that you probably already looked there. lol

eyes_only4him said...

"was that u grandpa Cliff"

what a doll...

now go find your battery charger..look in the tractor.

Ralph said...

She was there when you found that pork cutlet - wasn't she?
Good luck finding the charger. Like me, you probably put somewhere so you would know exactly where it was the next time you needed it.

Dan said...

"I hope Bopa didn't need that black box with the chord on it that I threw in the trash yesterday!"

JunieRose2005 said...

I don't know about captions but I have to say she is One Cute little girl! :) WOW!! Those eyes!!!

Junie Rose

nora leona said...

"Tony Tony, look around.
Something's lost and must be found."

I'm on a first name basis with Saint Anthony.

Unknown said...

Our pastor is very good at praying to find things, but he skips the saints and goes right for the Big Guy.

It is my experience that as soon as I find (and purchase) a cheap replacement on ebay, the original turns up.

Rachel said...

Good luck on finding the charger. It would sure be a shame to have no pictures on your blog! This must NOT happen!! Your granddaughter is so cute!!

"Bopa,what was that noise you just made and.....eeewwwwwww...what is that horrid smell?"

Anonymous said...

"I am mimicking my grandmother"!!---as suggested by a previous blog---R

Jim said...

She is a cutie. Will she be there this week. You probably know, we are coming up Wednesday. We are staying at the Super Eight in Blair.
Karen and Billy and Mrs. Jim are coming too. And, if you will be home, we all would like to visit for a little bit.
I can take you some pictures for blogging. My flash is broken so we will need light or to be outside.

Anonymous said...

No help on the title of the picture. But she certainly is a cutie.

We've had to abandon our original digital camera. Don put the charger away so thoroughly that we haven't seen it since. Maybe it's with yours.


Paul Nichols said...

This little beauty is related to the beauty in the picture below, isn't she?

Cliff said...

Paul: I assume you refer to the pic of me on the porch.

Cliff said...

Jim: Give me a call. We'll set something up. I'll bet you Texans will be wanting to flee the cold as soon as possible.

Jamie Dawn said...

"Stay away from my juice!"

#3's a keeper!!!
What a gem!

Your battery charger is behind that thing in that room near that other room.

Rachelle Jones said...

"you think this is a funny face? Well you ought to look in the mirror!"