Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas

For me, trying to place pictures on a blog is like trying to put two magnets together. I have no idea where all of this will end up so I'll put it this way. One pic was taken while going up our lane. One is Marilyn's east kennel building. The other two were taken just outside of our back door. A white Christmas is something we seldom get. This year will be the exception.
I've gotten some nice cards from several of you and must say that it has brought be very low. I don't have mine written yet. And you guys are right on the ball. I love the cards and the thoughts you've sent in the mail and put on your blogs, but it does bother me.
So to remedy the situation, I've decided to not think about it. You know, lower my standards.
Okay, Okay, I'll give it a try. You can start waiting at the mailbox about the 2nd of January.

19 comments: said...

Nice pix.
But fair is fair. Please post pictures when the snow starts to melt and all that white has turned to grey!

Rachel said...

That snow is pretty Cliff, but honestly I'm glad it's sunny here and no snow! However, having a white Christmas is special.

I have been waiting for that newsletter in the box any day now. Guess I'll start looking after the first of the year. BIG Sigh.

That's okay though. I know how busy you are. Now you have all that snow to deal with as well. Be careful out there!

Cassie-b said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. They look nice - and very wintery. We've been promised (or threatened) with several snow storms, but only got rain. I'm not complaining, but the snow does look pretty.

Have a wonderful Christmas season!


LZ Blogger said...

Cliff ~ We have some friends in California who for literally years would NOT send out their Christmas cards until January because every year their kids and grandkids come to their house for Christmas, so they like to wait for the FAMILY PHOTO, to go out with their Christmas letter. This year they are going to be gone (on the road)at Christmas and the picture had just the two of them (and their 42 foot motor coach) saying that they were "hitting the road" for the holidays. It was neat to get their letter early, but sad that it was just the two of them.
As for your pictures on your post... they came out PERFECT (at least on my browser). You must have modified a little HTML code to get them that way, because Blogger automatically puts in the equivalent of a carriage return line feed into the code.
Looks like you have both some snow and some clear skies there.
Your comment about "the artist" on my blog... that is ALL Mrs. LZ on that "Dr. Suess Tree" (as we call it). It's a Juniper with some attitude. She trims that thing every few months and has for about 10 years now. ~ jb///

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Since no one else will say it I will - don't worry about the cards. Get the presents in the mail!!

JUST A MOM said...

OH Cliff I just have to steal a coupel of these,,, see I use your pictures as bribery or a back "HOME" candy if you will. it is beautiful have a great Christmas if I dont get back

Holties House said...

I think Ralph has it worked out Cliff, don't applaud.... Throw money!!

Paul said...

Merry Christmas, Marilyn. And Cliff.

Jamie Dawn said...

Return cards are not necessary; we are already aware of your lowly standards.

That snow sure is pretty. I hope it stays where you are and does not decide to make its way to where I live. We are enjoying temps in the upper 50's - mid 60's now through Sunday, and I like that very much.
Days in the 40's require me to don double layers of long underwear underneath my regular clothes.
Days in the 30's are simply hitonious.
Days below 30 are hitoniously hitonious. There just aren't enough layers or boots or gloves or hats or scarves for those days.

Keep a fire going and stay warm!!

1 plus twins said...

that was the only thing i miss from ohio is the white christmas! snow is wonderful and beautiful on christmas but the other 5 months of it sucks ass!! haha i haven't done christmas cards either. i have been too sick to send them or even email them. so i will just tell you here that i hope you and your family have a wonderful, happy, and safe holiday!

JunieRose2005 said...


I enjoyed your snowy pictures! Looks just lovely and I hope it is still this way through Christmas for you folks!

I, for one, have very low spirit for this Christmas season... (the worst I can remember!) Got a few cards out but for most my blog buddies, will just have to wish you all a 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' here on our blogs!

...but it's not time yet! :)

Junie Rose

Janell said...

I love these pictures, Cliff. I'll never forget hourseback riding with Juli through the snow on your place when Bubba lived out there with you folks. All I could think of was the Robert Frost poem: "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening." It starts with "Whose woods these are I think I know..."
The ending lines are: "But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep. And miles to go before I sleep."

Wish we were out there riding right now.

Now, JD; if below 30 is hitoniously hitonious, what do you call below 0? You may have to make up a new word!

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

I love a White Christmas almost as much as Bing did. Thanx for sharing, Cliff.

Jerry said...

I like a White Christmas as long as it's not on my lawn (which it is, but not as deep). It does look very pretty.

I just arrived back on the farm today, five days before Christmas. I have no presents bought, and no cards sent. So you can relax. I'm bringing up the rear.

Have a great Christmas, Morrows!

1 plus twins said...

cliff we would love for you to come for dinner x-mas eve. and the wine would be wonderful. my hubby used to make homemade wine when we lived in ohio and x-mas was when we would have it for the first time cuz it would finally be ready. he can't make it here cuz it doesn't get cold enough!!! so if you would like to fly out for the meal your more than welcome. happy holidays to you and your family!!

gel said...

Enjoyed the pix, especially the 2nd one. I love snow as long as I'm not driving in it. As far as your farm and kennel, though, I'm sure it creates a lot of hard work.

Wishing you peace, relaxation
and best holiday wishes to you and yours.

nora said...

I send out St. Valentine's Days cards - takes a lot of pressure off.

Where are the cats?

TamWill said...

Lovely snow! We never have snow in this neck of the woods.

In all my life 3 times. Looks like you will have a white Christmas, lucky dog.

Army Wife said...

am I crazy enough to leave 60 degree days in winter (I am freezing btw) to head back up there and scoop?