Tuesday, December 11, 2007

That and This

I don't know if it's the weather, or the price of gas, or what but the sign I saw in town today is pure small town America. Our local Senior Center is advertising an event on Dec. 15Th. It is a combination Red Cross Blood Drive-Bake Sale-Pool Tournament-and visit from Santa. That should pretty well get everyone there.
One of my brothers, the one closest in age to me made the local paper in his hometown of Clovis, New Mexico. He has apparently taken on the naming of zoo animals. He is Brother/Veterinarian/Cowboy Poet/and entertainer extraordinaire...Dr. Les Morrow. I think you'll like this short article.
I had a couple of pictures planned for right about here. Blogger apparently doesn't like the idea.
Carry on.


nora said...

“They’ve got body language that says they’d like to be scratched,” he said, smiling at them from behind his upturned mustache.
- I love that sentence!

I think if I leave right now I can make it to the Red Cross Blood Drive-Bake Sale-Pool Tournament-and visit from Santa at the Chatt Senior Center, if indeed that is where it’s Chatt.

(nora+puns = glee)

Cliff said...

Nora, that's exactly where it's Chatt.

Flip Flop Momma said...

Wow, they are killing like 4 birds with one stone at that Blood drive,,

Aww, your brother picked out sweet names..how clever he is..

Paul said...

I love puns. Your brother done good. His picture reminds me of one of my very best friends who now lives in LA or Phoenix. They have a sense of humor that comes from the same cloth.

I used to have quite a list of those kinds of names, but alas, we had a house fire...

1 plus twins said...

sorry i havent been around but i have broncitis so i will be back to catch up when i feel better.

Peter said...

Another Morrow sense of humor>

Janell said...

Do you think Les would approve if he knew I would name my next horse "Ethel?" I already have Lucy.

Jamie Dawn said...

He likes making people roll their eyes too!
It must run in the family.
Sere N Geti - GREAT names!!!
I can see why he won.

That Blood Drive Bake Sale Santa Visit, etc... is REALLY killing lots of birds with one stone.
Small towns are so efficient.

What?? No pics??!!!!

Rachel said...

I enjoyed the story about your brother. I liked the names he chose and I'm glad he won!

The Red Cross Blood Drive-Bake Sale-Pool Tournament-and visit from Santa is covering a lot of things, so turnout should be great!!

Gette said...

The names are awesome, as is his 'stache.
He must love the end credits of Car Talk.

Jerry said...

Face it, Cliff. It's genetic. There's no getting around that Morrow sense of humor. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Maria said...

Reading the article makes me a fan of your brother. A great sense of humor and I almost wish we hadn't already named the puppies LuAnn and Lucky. They seem like such mild and serious names now. I am sure your brother would have come up with something snappy.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Great article about Les!
Your "Red Cross Blood Drive-Bake Sale-Pool Tournament-and visit from Santa" kind of sounds like a County Fair in December - in one building.

cassie-b said...

I hope the seniors have a good turnout. If the opportunity presents itself, I hope you post a picture of the sign.


Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

There's A LOT of talent in that Morrow family! I'll bet you've heard that before, Cliff. Clever name. I LOL at “Grin” and “Barret”, too. :0)

Anonymous said...

Super Sr. event. I especially like that a blood drive is part of this.

I enjoyed reading the article about your brother. Lots of leaders and talent in your family!-


Miki said...

Loved the story about your brother. It is nice when regular folks make the news! Especially with good news! Loved your entry below, "egg and Daughter night." sounds like a fun time in your hometown. Hey can I still get tickets to the pool, blood, etc drive? Too bad I won't be in the neighborhood then! Sounds like a blast!