Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cliff's Shorts

As sobering as the above title may be, please stick with me here.
It's planted and for the most part out of the ground.
We have them planted. Some are up and out of the ground.
If we say "I have the beans planted...then why don't we say I have the corns planted."
OR... why not say, "I have the bean planted already."
I've been to a lot of meetings as of late. Some were good.
We're having quite a few relatives here for this next weekend.
My richest relatives are coming. The ones coming are able to buy gas and drive a car.
Show off's...I tell you.
SHANNON: If you get a chance, stop and see Shannon. As you know I'm pretty descriminating when it comes to the blogs I will read. I like reading Shannon because she seems to have a good grasp on the worth of family. She doesn't spend time complaining and trying to save the world and gives us a different topic on each post. I think you'll find her family, farm life, and great photo's offer a good look into her daily life. Thanks Shannon, for blogging.


Shannon said...

Aww Cliff, thanks for the shout out! The other night I dreamed that you were on RFD T.V. I was like....that's Cliff, that's Cliff. The husband commented, Cliff WHO? It was hilarious when I realized it was a dream. But there you were with those Hefty seed boys talking about corn and beans.

bobbie said...

Took your advice and went to visit Shannon's blog. I like it! I'll be going back to visit her and her boys again for sure.

Miki said...

Cliff, glad to hear that the "corns" and "bean" are planted and sprouting! Looking foward to seeing your photos of teh farm in "full bloom." Have fun with those wealthy relatives, they sure are lucky to afford that fancy stuff: GASOLINE! WOW! Can't wait to hear about that driving stuff, it sound like fun! I will be sure to check out Shannon, thanks for the tip.

Mike ( ex scientia, veritas ) said...

"Cliff's Shorts"??? First sentence, "STICK with me here". .... I just remember, I have to see a guy about a thing.

Have a safe Memorial Day, Cliff.

Jim said...

You started buy forgot. I guess riding with those rich relatives, you must want to be sure you have no holes in those shorts.
With you riding and not driving--due to the high price of gas--you never can tell if you have to go to the hospital!
Our Mom's taught us well, don't wear holey shorts when going out.

Rachel said...

Hi Cliff. I checked out Shannon's blog. Of course with 4 boys, a husband, and living on a farm, life would never be boring, so she has no lack for blogging material.

I'm glad the corn is up and beans too. I have the 'bean' planted just doesn't sound right. That's why!!

I saw corn near her yesterday that was about 4-5 inches tall.

Jamie Dawn said...

Corn... corns... both sound fine to me.
Let see...
I want corns on the cobs.
Yep. No problem with that.
We are not rich. I ride a tortoise to Walmart to do our shopping. It takes a long time.
I'll go read Shannon's blog now.

poopie said...

My corns and beans are up too. Better late than never!!!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

My neighbor's corn is up about 4 inches and my little squirrels can hardly wait.

I went over and visited Shannon and with four boys I guess there is never a dull moment and plenty to blog about.

Love your Denver pictures. I hope you got everything lined out for Blogstock 08.

Gette said...

Now that it's all planted you have plenty of time to come mow...

Flip Flop Momma said...

have a god weekend Cliff...

now go plant your Corns..

nora said...

Thanks for the update Cliff. I'm glad to here the crop/crops is/are all in.
Thanks for the tip about Shannon's blog. I just spent a wonderful hour reading the whole thing from top to bottom...and sucessfully avoided mowing for another hour.

Divapalooza said...

I've been looking for more Nebraska bloggers to connect with. I can't remember how I found yours... I just did. I will definitely check out Shannon's blog though! Thanks for the tip. Oh, I am in Omaha. Today is a cold, wet, dreary day!!

Maria said...

What a beautiful blog Shannon has and my thanks for directing us on the path to her site.

Rachel said...

Hi Cliff. I see NE is under the gun tonight with bad weather. I have been watching the Weather Channel and even got my atlas out! Looks like you are getting lots of rain. I sure hope it doesn't wash the corns and beans out!

Hope you are all okay.