Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cantata Sunday Night

This is a pic of Marilyn and her Mom. It was zero degrees out and windy so we picked her Mom up an hour early because that's when we needed to be there and so we had time for stuff like picture taking.

Update: It's over and it went very well. It was nice that I wasn't in the middle of everything this time. Well, I did sing a short solo and did a reading or two. This is the men of our choir.

This was taken 25 minutes before the performance. She's hard to see but daughter Juli is playing the Christmas music on the piano. That was a highlight for me. I wish I would have had time to sit down and listen.

Our church is blessed with a couple of ladies who have 'the touch' when it comes to decorating. Our guests were invited 30 minutes early for hot cider and cookies. These next two photos are of the serving table. Notice the cookies shaped like piano keys. I ate two middle C's. Also please 'Note' the other cookies.

We must have had at least 100 people there. Not bad considering the weather. They say there are two kinds of weather that keep attendance down in churches. They are good weather, and bad weather.

The ladies of the choir. And one of our Ed's. This was the green Ed.

This was the original post.
We've been working for sometime now on our Christmas Cantata at church. It will be tomorrow night. Cookies and hot cider will be at 6 pm and the program will begin at 6:30.
Juli will be playing Christmas music for a half hour pre-show. That in it self would be worth the effort it takes to get there.
The musical will be complete with bow ties and cumberbunds. My cumberbund fits, but barely. It is elastic. I have encouraged eye protection to be worn by anyone standing near by. I pray injuries to be slight if something happens. If it cuts loose from the strain, I hope it's not during my solo. It looks like what my Dad used to call 5o pounds of mud in a 5 pound sack.
We have it blocked, rehearsed, and it is ready. Barely ready, but ready none the less.
We are blessed with our new choir director/minister of music. She is extremely talented, professional, and organized. Everything our old director was not.
If you're in the Tekamah area tomorrow night,(Sunday) I believe this program should warm up your spirit for you.
If I can get someone to take a pic or two, I will post them.


Janell said...

Don't forget to check your fly right before you make your entrance.

I sure wish I could come, but we have a wedding at CBC tomorrow. Darn I hate missing an opportunity to hear Juli tickle the ivories.

bobbie said...

Now this sounds like Christmas! I do hope there are pictures. If we get just a head and shoulders shot of you, we'll know why. That cummerbund sounds dangerous.

EV said...

LOL at your cumberbund concerns - have a wonderful Christmas Cantata.

Gette said...

Sounds awesome. Have someone tape it!

Ralph said...

I heard the old choir director wasn't that bad.
Best wishes with the Cantata.

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh I hope all went well for you! I am looking forward to hearing more about the event. I am also looking forward to turning over my music ministry to someone else in January! whooohooo!


Jim said...

Isn't it nice to retire from some of your non-paying work! Really though, I liked the old director better sight unseen of the new.
[After I see her, I might change my mind. :-)]
I think your blog thermometer froze over, it is missing. Thanks for your temp report.

Peter said...

Sorry Cliff, can't make the Cantata, but would love to see some pictures.

EV said...

Thanx for the photos! Voices raised in praise - it doesn't get any better.

Ralph said...

Looks and sounds like all went well. The cookies look pretty tasty.
Glad the cumberbund held up.

Paul Nichols said...

Sounds great. Wish I was there.

Our church had a great morning service. I might blog about it.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Cliff! You have beautiful and talented women in your life. The cookies look great. The men's and women choir looked like they performed perfectly. I am a bit disappointed though. Why you may ask. Where is the picture of you all decked out in your bow tie and cumberbund? Lisa

Cliff said...

Lisa, I'm the one standing right behind the piano in the picture with the men of the choir.

Marc said...

Hi Cliff,

We wish you and yours a truly blessed and Joyous Christmas!

Our neighborhood Cantata was Sunday also. My wife sang, but I missed it...and church. I was well into a cold or flu, and just stayed in bed for 14 hrs or so. Our Cantatas are rotated between four local churches here at Brookshire Texas (near Houston). Our church has a choir, but it is small. My wife is our director and directed the Cantata last year.

Christmas eve will be at my brother's place about 35 miles from here. Not far unless it snows again. We had snow here last week. The earliest in over 20 years. It is 36 F right now.

Merry Christmas!

Marc and Sally Boyd

Miki said...

sounds like a good time was had by all.....I love those "noteworthy" cookies. How talented the baker is, and the decorators! Have a Merry Christms if I don't get the opportunity to stop by sooner!

bobbie said...

It looks wonderful, and I'm sure that it was. The piano key cookies were clever. I notice you took plenty of pictures of the cookies!

Lucy Stern said...

Music is a big part of Christmas for me.....I love all of the old hymns and the kids music too. I hope everything went well and the cumberbund stayed right where is was supposed

We have our Christmas program next Sunday, I am looking forward to it. Boy, that hot spiced cider sounds good....I want some.

Jamie Dawn said...

I take it your cumberbund stayed intact and no eyes were lost. For this we give thanks.
Those cookies look quite melodic and tasty.
I'm sure Juli did a splendid job!
That is a very lovely photo of Marilyn and her mother.
They are pretty ladies!
I'm glad the program went well and that people braved the frigid weather to come celebrate the season.

Shannon said...

Zero degrees!!!!! Wow, we have been absolutely miserable here with our weather, but in the opposite way. It has been in the upper sixties. We have contemplated turing on the AC a few times here lately.

Rocker_MoM said...

Nice pics...glad u had a great time..

glad your cumberbund fit;)

Jim said...

Thanks for the pictures. You guys look nice with the green and red ties. Yours is a little crooked, guess you knew that by now.

It is nice to see that Marilyn's Mom is looking her usual chipper happy self.

I'm glad it has warmed up for you as well. Your blog thermometer says 12°F. Ours says 75°F, tomorrow will be warmer, then a cold weekend. I am thinking you will have a white Christmas.

nora said...

I can hear the singing from here. I wish I could taste the cookies also!
Everyone looks beautiful and handsome!
Miss you guys -