Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm Off. But you knew that.

I'm off to the state convention. As always there wil be some things worth sitting through and some a waste of time. Now if there was just some way to determine that, before you commit 2 hours of your youth to it, then you'd have a deal. I've tried putting the pictures of Ralph(s) from the camera to the new computer and somehow, the new computer doesn't 'recognize' the USB port. I tried introducing them nicely. I'm planning a new attack when I return. A hammer perhaps. For this post I am swiping words from a midwestern magazine.
Tuesday, December 2, 2008 4:33 PM CST
By Cliff Morrow
The Midwest Producer
I've been to the big city Christmas shopping in the past. I've also done a lot of Santa work in years gone by. I have stopped helping Santa. Both of those activities - shopping and Santa gigs - have brought me joy, laughter, a desire to reach out and help, and sometimes to give someone a pat on the back. They have also caused me concern, sadness and, in a couple of cases, a desire to slap the face of a few parents. And I've even had occasion to shed a few tears.
As Santa, I've had to tell Mothers that their screaming child, the one over there with terror on her little face "doesn't want to sit on Santa's lap, maybe next year, or maybe you could talk to me from across the room where the child might feel safe." And to others I've wanted to say "why don't you put that cigarette out and spend what little money you have on food and clothes, or soap, and if you don't quit yelling at those kids, Santa's going to step on your toe with his big black boot."I've had to ask Santa's helper to find out who those people are, and their address, to see if we could round up some help for them.
I've had little eight year olds who were showing signs of really needing some parenting (soap, food, clothes, toothbrush…) ask Santa not to "bring me anything but could you please bring my little brother and sister some nice clothes to wear." While shopping, I've observed couples staring at each other with pure HATE for each other in their eyes. I've recently watched as parents threatened their kids by yelling at them in front of 50 strangers. We've never even yelled at cattle like that.
Easy folks, take a deep breath, it's Christmas. Find someone to listen to, to help, to counsel, to love, to share the real story of Christmas. You know, the one with Jesus in it. Find someone to sit and be quiet with, or someone to mourn with. There are many people in each of our lives with pains and sorrow. To help someone else a little will mean so much, and the rewards for you will be many. And lastly, if you know someone who helps play Santa in one of our small towns across Kansas and Nebraska, thank them. Everything they heard and saw wasn't always easy to deal with.
Merry Christmas.


Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

Cliff I wish this blog could be read by all !

Happy Holidays with love.

Nathan, Desiree, Shannel, Bubba,Joe & Tubby !

EV said...

Merry Christmas, Santa.

Anonymous said...

Cliff, A blessed Christmas to you and your family. We want to see you in your Santa uniform if it still fits...HA!

Our Christmas will be small this year, both in dollars and in numbers. Our family circle includes me, wife brother, his wife, and a few of their kids. I am retired, and my wife has been on unemployment for a while...no real hope for a new job this year.

Yet we have a lot to be thankful for. All major liabilities are paid off. Church, Taxes, Insurance, Food, Utilities, and whatever are not much now.

God's blessings for us all in the new year!

Marc Boyd

Dan said...

We go to see the Santa at the giant bank that Julie's mom works at. He is a skinny, sad Santa that doesn't say HO HO HO or anything of the sorts. As the kids slowly creep towards him, he just says in a calm voice, "what do you want for Christmas?" I'll tell you what I want, I want Santa Cliff back!!!!!

Granny Annie said...

One time, I was Santa one time. The "real" Santa could not attend our fuction for the low income housing project and I was elected to fill the suit. It was a harrowing event as children dressed nicer than the volunteers paraded in requesting expensive gifts after their parents dropped them off in expensive cars. It took a little fizz out of my sense of comfort and joy.

Jim said...

Cliff, I do believe you are a nice Santa. (A nice guy also, no matter what they say.)
I'm wondering, you probably couldn't put it in the Producer, what was the big city that you shop in. I suppose Omaha, Fremont, or Souix City.
BTW, are you coming this way on your latest jaunt?
One more, that new computer might have a slot to just stick the camera flash memory stick in. I don't use that on my new camera, I just plug the camera wired plug in and read the card still in the camera like a memory stick (from the USB slot).
Hope that helps, Dr. Jim.

bobbie said...

Santa Cliff, I'm sure you made a great one! But you know, Kansas and Nebraska small towns don't have a corner on that. It's the same all over. And, thank God, there are Santas found all over who deal with it as well.

I don't understand why people who don't seem to even like children, do go on having them! Sad.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Hi Cliff! Fine words. It is sad what Christmas has become. The true meaning lost. Lisa

Rocker_MoM said...

amen mr cliff...amen..

safe travels to u my dear..

merry xmas!

Jerry said...

Great Christmas memories, good and bad. Hope you have a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year.

Ralph said...

Great, great post.
The last paragraph is what it is all about anyway.

Cheb said...

What an eye-opener, Cliff! Yes, that last paragraph was the clincher. Just wanted you to know that I DID hug a mall Santa today, (who wasn't busy at the time) and he even came out from the roped off area and hugged my reluctant 6 foot tall 13 year old son (who quickly blushed a zillion colors of red)... but who then went on and reached into his OWN wallet to feed the bell-ringer's bucket on the way out of the mall!

I'm just a lurker to your blog---(Just a Mom's cousin in OKLAHOMA) and I read regularly, but speak seldomly here. I SO enjoy your words of wisdom, humor, and insight, and I wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season! (You've been a little lax in the grandkids picture department here lately!!! hint hint!!!)
MERRY CHRISTMAS from Oklahoma! (who WILL beat FLORIDA on January 8th!! GO SOONERS!!!)
Hugs and (spiked) EGGNOG!

Shannon said...

Very true Cliff! My twins had me at my whit's end earlier in the week at the big mall. I always do the "get right in their face and speak with my teeth clenched while making direct eye contact" when we are out in public. Seems to work better than yelling, lol. Oh, and Santa? My boys have NEVER wanted to even talk to him, and I am okay with that, lol. We just wave as we pass by.

Jamie Dawn said...

I can't imagine a Cliff Santa being anything but kind and fun. I'm sure kids who've had you listen to their wish lists have left Santa's lap feeling pretty darned happy about who Santa is.
A family friend dressed up as Santa when I was very little, and he nearly ruined my feelings about Santa by scaring me to death.
Thankfully, those scars have healed and I still believe in Santa and like him too, as well.
Santa is a giver.
Jesus is a giver.
The Christmas message is wonderful.
Ho, Ho, Ho.... Merry Christmas!!

I hope your photo/ISB port issues get resolved with the use of a hammer.

Gette said...

Nice post S.C. (Santa Cliff) MIL has put us in the position to help some friends this year who are out of work, so hopefully we can pay back a little of the kindness we've seen over the years.

Marla said...

I didn't know that you were Santa! I bet you were a good one. I can't believe how some people treat their kids in public. I just give them an evil eye! Tis the season to be Merry!!