Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Right Wing Extremeist

Right Wing Extremist
By Cliff Morrow
Midwest Producer
3-13-2009 Edition

When my forefathers started their long trek to Eastern Nebraska from Virginia in the early 1800’s they moved first to Ohio and then Iowa and finally to the Missouri river which they crossed and then likely fell in a heap on this the Nebraska side. Morrows aren’t great swimmers (and few or none of us would know what to do with a bong for that matter) so we were afraid to go further west until they came up with the idea of bridges. I’m still here on the western bank of the river. Yes I have heard about the bridge thing.
These relatives of mine were almost all God fearing members of Baptist Churches along the way. My Mom and Dad believed basically the same thing that their parents believed. And they in turn were influenced by their parents and so on. Actually when I was young, you would have been hard pressed to find anyone with opposing points of view on almost any subject from those held by my parents.
I recall as a lad the discussions and lessons learned while gathered around the dinner table about religion, capitalism, socialism, freedom, free enterprise, abortion, ethics, those who cheat, why it was important to keep the government out of agriculture and business, and why we need to pay our fair share of taxes and countless other subjects.
I as a result, have ended up believing almost exactly what my Great-Great Grand Mothers and Fathers believed. And now, even though I haven’t changed positions on any of these topics, I have become the target, the bad guy. (In your mind now insert those musical notes from the movie, The Good , The Bad and The Ugly.) Yes, I’m the bad.
The national media would now refer to me as an extremist, a religious zealot if you will, and because of my refusal to change my beliefs I am also intolerant of others. Hey, nothing has changed for centuries and besides, I’m just trying to farm here.
In contemplating this, I’m not sure I should change my views so others can feel better about themselves. Wouldn’t that be a nifty and subversive way to destroy a country or a society or a church or almost anything that requires a bit of fortitude?
Remember, when this is all over, they won’t need to answer to me, or I to them.
Let me put this another way, If everyone in a Ford car club decides that to belong to the club you MUST drive a Ford in the parades, then I would suggest that you don’t join the club and show up at a parade driving your Rambler and then accuse everyone else of trying to make you feel bad because you drove a Rambler. You’ll likely respond with something like, “I’m going to take those intolerant Ford folks to court and force them to allow Ramblers into the Ford Club parades.” “They’re stepping on my rights as a Rambler owner.” The good news for you is that the Supreme Court would likely back you on this one. Why you ask, because it makes no sense.
Yes my friends, I began life standing directly in the middle of the road. And without moving so much as an inch, I’ve ended up in the ditch on the right.
I fear someone is intentionally moving the middle of the road.
I'll be in touch next Monday or so. I have to visit some VIP's.


Gary ("Old Dude") said...

an amusing little post, and it makes a very good point.----watch out for curves in the road!! (lol)

bobbie said...

Gee, Cliff, do you consider yourself an extremist? I don't think of you that way. Don't think of myself that way either. And I don't think they've moved the middle. It seems to me that you and I are trying to head in the same direction, only on different sides of the road. I think we're both going to get there in the end. Fortunately, the Lord knows where we're heading and understands when we get confused along the way - your people, AND my people. Each of us just has to keep trying the best way we know how.

Jamie Dawn said...

Yep, you are a danger to all those good folks out there who have made it their goal to buck authority and rebel against most everything their ancestors stood for and the principles they lived by.
Belief in God? How naive. Which God? And who's to say there's only one?
A Ford Car Club? How carist (that's a play on words - racist, carist... get it?). It's like those awful Boy Scouts not wanting to allow girls to join their troop! It's like having Men's and Women's bathrooms instead of Unisex bathroom. It's like having a women's only gym when a girlie man may want to work out there too!!!!!!
Middle of the road is where I am too, even if the media wants to shove me into a ditch on the right.
I think there's more of US than THEM, and I have a feeling that quite a few Obama voters are feeling a bit disillusioned about now. Keep HOPE alive for 2010 and a big change in Congress. With more conservatives in there, we can truly HOPE to keep more of our CHANGE. But until then, you ARE the enemy and extremist.

Gette said...

Beep beep. Beep beep.

Sorry, but you got it stuck in my head...

Ralph said...

You did forget one major point - you grandparents, your parent, and from their teachings you all can think for yourself with out the media tellings you what to believe, you know and acknowledge right from wrong, and you all have taken responsibility for your own actions.
Now that may appear as three things not one - but they are so interwined that you remove one (which media and government is good at) and the other two will unravel themselves. The three are one strong, firm, believe this country was founded on.
Now. . .I will be quiet.

Lanny said...

Your confused? Try being a democrat that feels like she has been thrown into the ditch on the right! Moved the middle of the road? It is clear in the next state over!

Lanny said...

I meant confused about the location of the road not your beliefs by the way.

Paul Nichols said...

" in the days of Noah..."
You know, I was thinking that Scripture never mentions "rights," does it? It talks an awful lot about responsibility, though, doesn't it?
Like, to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God.

EV said...

Ralph had a good point re: the media. The agenda was clearly enumerated; redistribute of wealth and to disabuse those who cling to their bibles, family values and second amendment rights. Cradle to grave government management of our life is the preference for all the warranties and freedom from life's risks that are promised. The song running through my mind is "Smiling Faces." Was there ever a discussion about something for nothing (AKA entitlement) at granddad's table?

In previous experiments along these lines the end game was a very low standard of living for the masses and a tiny wealthy, privileged, group of politicians. You know, like the ones that don't pay taxes or use the USAF as a shuttle service, or mandate that banks lend to non-qualified borrowers.

Mary Connealy said...

And just remember, if you're following the Nebraska legislature debate, that the road ditch...can now have traps in watch out.

Lucy Stern said...

BRAVO!!!! You said it Cliff, I feel the same way. Never in my lifetime did I think that we would get to this point...

JunieRose2005 said...

Amen, Cliff!

You make more sense and have a clearer understanding of things than any person I know!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cliff, for speaking up for all Christian conservatives! It's too rare when someone says they believe this is right and this is a stand I'm going to make. When we do, nonbelievers may laugh, argue, and challenge our beliefs and our moral grid. "I think they protest too much" when in reality, I believe they argue and fight us in order to find out if we really believe what we say we believe. They often want to have a set of beliefs and don't have them. The ones giving the most grief may ust be the ones who are really seeking spiritually. A little with God is better than lots without Him! Go, Cliff!

Marla said...

Oh Cliff you are such a good writer. That's why I really like you. There's not beating around the bush with you, you speak what you believe, and that's a good thing.

Jim said...

Good Cliff. We have a lot in common. I too am an extremist, a religious zealot (and a Baptist).
My great grandparents (Corkill family) came to Nebraska from Wisconsin in a wagon before their roads. They followed the railroad clearings. They were Baptists too!
Nebraska was homesteaded out so they went to South Dakota (Presho) and found some land. Eventually my grandpa (Floyd) came to Tekamah and settled down, not on a farm.
I belong to the Ford club (Early Ford V-8 Club). I've only had one Rambler and that was between Fords. It got totaled out by the back of somebody who stopped too suddenly.
We don't have any snow here in Texas so I won't end up in the ditch.

Janell said...

Wow, I get it now. "I began life standing directly in the middle of the road. And without moving so much as an inch, I’ve ended up in the ditch on the right.
I fear someone is intentionally moving the middle of the road."
I was wondering how I had landed in the ditch. Anyway, with you here, too, I guess I am in good company.

Peter said...

You Morrow's should have come to Australia Cliff, the rivers here are so low you don't need to be a swimmer to cross them.
You might have some trouble with where to be on our roads though as we drive on the left (the right) side of them.

Rachel said...

I'm in the ditch with ya Cliff! Very well said!!

nora said...

Amen Cliff. My brother and I had a big discussion yesterday. He thought that our politics were miles apart. We finally were both at a good listening place. He generalized my politics to a big lump, as I did his. We have most things in common: our faith, our love of family, our support of this great country and our hope for the future of his great children.
I think he finally understands that by being active in the community does not necessarily translate to community activism.
I'm glad the road is wide enough for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if I offend anyone for having personal reasons to be anonymous, but I'd like to add that it appears to me that you, Cliff, are working hard as elder, Co.Super, speaking to VIPs, etc., which brings me to urging those who know you to obey I Cor.16:15-16"....they have devoted themselves to the service of the saints.I urge you, brothers, to submit to such as these and to everyone who joins in the work, and labors at it." and I Thess 5:12-14 "Now we ask you, brothers, to respect those who work hard among you...".
And--regarding Obama's socialism/totalitarian 'movings' that 2 Thess.3:10 -- "...if a man WILL NOT work, he shall not eat."