Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bill O'Rielly Computer

After receiving the message PRIMARY HARD DRIVE FAILURE! , I was told that if it would still spin, they could retreive most of the data. It wouldn't. They didn't. My computer entered the 'no spin zone'. I lost everything except for my biggest file. Morrow Kennels had been backed up. 12-12-04. The new computer said there was nothing on the CD's. After a trip up here from Blair, and about 20 minutes of work, the tech. restored the one file. I must have had a big smile. He glance over at me and asked, "You're not going to kiss me are you?"
May I suggest, that you don't really need to back up any files, except for the ones you would like to keep.
If someone will send me an email, even a blank one, I would put them in the address book. I have an empty computer that I need to start filling up.

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