Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas List

My nephew Marty says he needs a new tennis racquet for Christmas. Seems his backhand has slowed over the years.
My Christmas wish list would have to include the wish to become shorter. Most people quit growing when they reach 20 or so but I've gotten taller recently. At age 54. My first indication was that when I stoop to grab a magazine or newspaper from the floor, it's a lot further down there, than it was, say even 5 years ago.
And one more thing. Why have these magazines and newspapers, that I'm trying to clear from the floor, all gone to smaller type. It's aggravating.
Okay, that's it. Shorter legs, go back to the larger type.
Wait, one more thing. Why the deeper cups on golf greens. I have never had a ball bounce back up out of the hole, yet they've made the holes deeper and harder to reach your ball at the bottom. If you think old men are happy when you say "that's good, pick it up", they are. The ball is easier to reach. Or you can be a really nice guy and pick it up and toss it to them.Merry Christmas.
What's on your list??

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