Saturday, December 04, 2004

Target Stores

The target stores have told the Salvation Army that they can no longer raise money by placing bell ringers and red pots outside of the stores. I can understand that. My Mother didn't like the bell ringers either. I would ask Her if We should put money in the pot and she would always answer that the Salvation Army is a Church that does good things with their money, but we already belong to the Baptist Church and if we can give extra, we should do it there. They also do good with the money.
When Target said they would stop the bell ringers, I could understand them because they could get hit up by every church in the country. They could have so many people trying to raise money that I wouldn't want to shop there anymore.
I was sympathetic, until I heard that they have removed all references to 'Christmas' in the store and replace them with 'Happy Winter Solstice'.
Lets see here. They want to sell me Christmas presents, but they are ashamed to use the word 'Christ' in their wording. I can understand. It may offend the one Muslim they get in store this week, and a Federal Judge would give him the store.
I think that religious sensitivity is good. I believe that when they threaten to kill we infidels, that we should wait until after Ramadan to start the bombing.
Merry Christmas Target. I'll shop there again as soon as Sams Club get done moving in.

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